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I believe in aliens...

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I have always been a fan of sci-fi.  I am a fan of the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, I loved E.T. when I was a kid, watched ALF on TV and was a huge fan of the 80's TV series "V" and the updated series that was on last year on ABC.  The new movie, Men In Black III comes out this weekend, so you can be assured I will be checking it out.  The trailers for the movie released the last several months don't look that great, but I am seeing it just to continue the storyline. 

Being a fan of sci-fi, is certainly an aspect of me in believing that there are other planets in our galaxy and universe that can sustaine life.  Part of me believes that Earth has already been visited and I also believe its been recent and there are possibly aliens here now.  I hope in my lifetime, that its widespread and that everyone will finally know the truth.

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