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The NBA Draft Lottery was held....and?

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Last night, the NBA had their annual draft lottery, and the New Orleans Hornets won the first pick in the draft for next year.  I bring this up because I am not a fan of the one and done rule that the NBA has.  A majority of the first 10 picks will be 19 year old freshman who have declared for the draft.  I disagree with this rule because I feel the kids are too young and not educated or prepared to instantly be in that environment with that much money.  I also think this way because I am more of a college basketball fan than an NBA fan, and because of this rule, there is no connection to players as a fan.  They show up for one year and then are gone.  No team is worse with this than the University of Kentucky.  I moved to Wichita from Lexington, KY and know first hand about that.  I hated the team because I didn't know the team.  The program has become identified as a one and done school.  I hope David Stern and the NBA change the rule for a player to be at least 20 years of age and/or at least two years of college play.

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