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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

How many of you are guilty of this....

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Over the weekend, I took my dog SJ to the dog park.  It had rained bigtime Saturday night, so when I took him to the dog park at the KS Humane Society on Sunday, needless to say, the grass was wet and mud was everywhere.  There were 4 other dogs there at the time and SJ had a ball running around and playing rough with the other dogs.  Before leaving the park, i wiped him down a bit so as to not totally mess up the back of my new SUV.  On the way home, I was dreading putting him in my bathtub with him being so muddy because I knew it would mess up the drainage and make the area a mess.  I was driving past a 'do it yourself' car wash.  I stopped in, took my dog out and tied him to a stump, inserted 6 quarters and sprayed him with the power washer for the 3 minutes or so that I had of time.  It was funny and cruel to a point, but it did the job, and he was clean and refreshed.  haha. 

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