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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

In the NBA, Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are going where???? WOW!

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The off season in pro sports are always fun to find out and see what trades, or restricted or unrestricted free agents sign and go play for other teams.  A huge off season in the NHL with two players both signing to play for the same team for $100 million each just happened.  I would tell you the names of the players, but I don't follow the NHL enough to remember. lol.   

But I do follow the NBA and it was just revealed that two big names will be playing for different teams come next season.  Steve Nash, the hugely popular point guard who has had big success in both Phoenix and Dallas was traded to the LA Lakers.  Yes, the same team with Kobe Bryant.  Kobe and Steve playing on the Lakers.  That will be exciting to see if that works.  Also, Jason Kidd, another popular point guard who had success with Dallas, Phoenix and the New Jersey Nets is going back to the east coast to play for the NY Knicks.  

I for one am looking forward to next season.  I am a big Rockets and Mavericks fan.  Who's your favorite NBA team?

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