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Do you want to see action packed movies? Here are two...

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Over the weekend, aside from still having sleeping issues with my jet lag coming back from my vacation, I ventured out to the movie theater twice to see some movies.  The first one I saw was The Expendables 2. The second installmant from Sylvester Stallone featuring a slew of action stars all on the big screne togther.  I won't get into the storyline to ruin it for anyone who still has yet to see it.  But overall, not to bad.  The movie definately has all the action you would want and some comedy thrown in with some great one liners.  The second movie I saw over the weekend was The Bourne Legacy.  It's the fourth movie in the franchise, this time starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross.  The movie did not have Matt Damon in it, however there were several references to his character Jason Bourne.  Jeremy does a good job as the next super government agent and I look forward to seeing where the story, his character, and if Matt Damon eventually comes back as Jason Bourne to tie everything together.  I recommend both movies if you like action movies.  What movie did you see this weekend? 

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