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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

One small step..... RIP Mr. Armstrong!

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I've mentioned this before. I grew up in Clear Lake City, Texas an annexed section of Houston that is the home of the Johnson Space Center affiliated with NASA.  I was honored and fortunate to be around the space shuttle program.  I knew many astronauts and have many friends that work for NASA today. One day back in 1988, I met the first human to walk on the moon.  That's right, I met Neil Armstrong.  He was at a hotel I was working at for a summer job.  He was staying there.  The hotel was directly across the street from where the Johnson Space Center is and many dignitaries stay at this hotel.  All I remember really is that I said "hello" and that I was "honored to meet you".  But the fact of the matter is, I met Neil Armstrong.  You will always be a part of our history.  Godspeed Mr. Armstrong.   Who have you met that was truly an honor for you?

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