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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

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Growing up in the south and directly on the water and coast in Houston, I was exposed to hurricanes. I've also lived in south Louisiana and was in the path of Katrina living in Mississippi.  I know hurricanes and what they can do.  For the most part, it's simply strong winds and lots of rain.  However, the destruction is very real.  Property including homes, businesses and automobiles can be destroyed.  Power almost always goes out for thousands of people and in some cases for weeks.  The cost of supplies, food, water and gas go up and in many cases, gas is depleted in areas for extended periods of time.  Katrina was a strong hurricane however, the events in New Orleans were mostly because of the levees failing.  The one thing about hurricanes is because of our technology, the media can give you fair warning of the projected path of the eye and the strength of the hurricane.  My thoughts are with everyone on the Texas, Louisian, Mississippi coast over the next few days.  Have you experienced a hurricane? 

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