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Already a wild ride...

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Just a few weeks into football season and both on the college level as well as in the pro's, we've already seen some crazy upsets.  I am a fan of dynasties in sports.  The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70's, the New England Patriots, there are several other programs that are dominant for many years.  In the college level, it seems the new dynasty is the Alabama Crimson Tide.  They have been dominant for the last few years and this year seems no different.  Aside from them, at the college level, there have already been a few upsets and we are only into the season a few weeks.  At the pro level, the season has started off with the New Orleans Saints at 0-2.  And some teams that were bad in the past seem to have turned their programs around and are now doing well.   I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!!  Who are your favorite college and pro teams? 

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