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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

What the......

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How does it go from 80 degrees to 45 degress overnight... Ugh!  The start of winter number 2 for me here in Kansas.  Ok, I know, it's not winter.  But 45 degrees is cold.  I got a flu shot a few weeks ago, so hopefully, I am not going to get sick.  I am flat out, just not a cold weather person.  The only time I don't mind cold weather is if I am in a location that's known for it. Such as a ski resort destination or something like that.  Other than that, I hate cold weather.  I've talked about this before, and I will never not talk about it.  I hate cold weather..  

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Wichita, KS

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
SSE at 8 mph
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