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Good ole Mother Nature....

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Hurricane Sandy is approaching the east coast near New Jersey/ New York City and will be hitting land by tonight. As someone who has been through probably 30+ hurricanes in my life, I know what everyone is going through.  Its part anxiety and part curiousity that is mostly going through their minds. Hurricane Sandy looks to be a masssive weather system and very strong.  The biggest issue, is that most of the east coast is not prepared for such a storm.  But as you saw in New Orleans, its the infrastructure that cause the most damage.  Are buildings structurely sound to withstand a hurricane?  Are levees in areas where there can be a strong possibility of flooding?  So realistically, a hurricane is just strong wind and lots of rain.  There is a possibility of tornados in the storm system as well.   The smartest thing to do, regardless of the strength, is if you are able to, is to evacuate the area and move more inland and either get a hotel room or stay with family or friends until the worst of it has come and gone.  Prior to leaving, you should either tape up windows or board them with large pieces of plywood.  Also to tie down anything that could be swept away by the strong winds.  Bottom line, is your life is more important than material things.  That's what insurance companies are for.  

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