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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

Follow the instructions on the label... will I ever learn?

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I wear contacts.  More so I wear the kind that you can keep in and the "suggested" time to keep them in is no more than 30 days.  Well, we are all guilty every so often and I left mine in a little longer and it caught up to me.  My left eye developed an ulcer and right now I am in a lot of pain.   Obviously, I don't have a contact in my eye and I am daking powerful eye drops to correct the problem and alleviate the pain.  It's about 4 days of taking the eye drops.  Worse, I am sensitive to bright light.  I sound like I am a mogwai from Gremlins when I say that.  Anyway, the lesson learned and what you should take away from my misfortune, is that if the box tells you not do something, don't do it.  If the box tells you not to wear the contacts more than 30 days, and I do, well then, I am the only one to blame.  Has this happened to you?

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