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Are you an armchair quarterback???

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Whenever something happens, are you one of those types of people that thinks it would have been better, or a different outcome would have happened if they did something else.  Sports is a prime example of someone becoming an armchair quarterback.  Your favorite team loses a game or whatever, so you as a big fan, quickly rush to judgement and say the things that the team should have done to have won the game.  Well in this case, the team that I root for, the Houston Texans, lost yesterday to the New England Patriots and their season is over.  The 'armchair quarterback' in me has already been thinking of some changes that the team needs to make in order for the them to be a better team next year.  A new Offensive Coordinater, a better offensive line and possibly even a new quarterback are the three things I would like to see changed.  Of course, I am just a fan of the team and giving my opinion, so this actually wont happen.  Oh well.  Until NEXT SEASON! 

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