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A brand new look for the Corvette...

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So have you heard?  A new Corvette was unveiled.  I remember growing up always thinking that the Corvette was a really cool car.  I knew this girl in high school that had a hot red Corvette that she would drive to school each day. It didn't help I had a major crush on her.  The Corvette was always the sports car that I thought I would end up getting one day.  As I grew older, my taste changed and now I am a total SUV guy.  The last 3 cars I've owned were all sport utilities.  I have a dog, so an SUV is more practical anyway.  But with them unveiling the new Corvette, it's brought back some good memories and who knows, maybe as I get older, and I truly go through the 'mid life' crisis, I'll go back to sports cars and get a Corvette.   

Here is a look at the new Corvetter

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