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Who had the first US manufactured CD?

And next is that month of the year where college basketball is played in a single game elimination tournament.....

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Football is over.  The BIG GAME was good. Congrats to the Baltimore team that played the last game of the year to determine the champion... Next up, is college basketball.  The month of the year is March.  In March, they play this tournament where 64 teams enter a bracket where it's a single game elimination.  We can't tell you the 'name' of the tournament nor can I mention the league where those teams are associated with.  I can't tell you the mascot names either. I CAN mention the school itself, and I CAN say they are playing in a bracket tournament.  I CAN say there will be a winner.. 

I love how stupid it is, but this is America, and everything is trademarked or copyrighted.  

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