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Spring Forward..........

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This weekend, its Daylight Savings time.  Saturday night, be sure to move your clocks forward one hour.  I'll be honest, I don't care about losing an hour of sleep.  I don't sleep much anywy.  What I am most excited about is that winter is over!!!  Bring on Spring! Bring on the warmer weather.  Bring on the short sleeve and shorts weather.  Bring on the dog park weather for me and my dog SJ to stay at the park longer.  

What I am not overly excited about is that because we live in Kansas, spring means severe weather possibilities.  I've lived here almost two years now and I am still not thrilled about living in an area where tornadoes occur.  I do not have a basement, so I don't like knowing that severe weather is emminent in the Wichita area.    

But again, SPRING IS HERE!!

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Wichita, KS

SSE at 22 mph
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