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I am addicted to Royalty...

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I've mentioned this before, as I am intrigued by royalty.  I have never wished I was royal or anything like that, I just have always been curious to know about the royals of the world.  Every so often I read up on royal families from the different countries.  The world has a new King as the previous Queen has abdicated her throne.  This week, the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix, abdicated her throne after 33 years, to allow her eldest son become the first King of the country in over 123 years.  The new king is also Europe's youngest King.

Next up, in the next several months, Princess Katherine of England will give birth to the future King or Queen of England.  Her husband, Prince William is 2nd in line after his father, Prince Edward.  Queen Elizabeth is the current Queen of England.  

Another royal I am fascinated by is King Abdullah of Jordan.  I've been a fan of his for many years.  

Ok, fine, I've day dreamt of being King Johnny!  haha.

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