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Airplane fears.......

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After hearing about and seeing the landing accident of the Asiana Airlines plane in San Francisco, it brings back a memory of mine when something could have happened on a plane that I was a passenger on.  

It was about 15 years ago.  I was in Salt Lake City, UT visiting my brother who was living there at the time.  I was leaving after the week long visit and sitting in the airplane.  We taxied the runway and it was our turn to take off.  The plane sped up and and we were going at take off speed when the plane started to lift.  Just as the nose went up, two sends later, the nose of the plane came back down and the pilot put on the brakes.  It happened so fast but fortunately, the plane was able to come to a complete stop at the other end of the runway.  The flight attendant came on and said to be calm and everything is fine. Afterwards, the pilot came on the speaker and said a light came on in the cockpit that the pilot felt was serious enough to abort the take off.  You hear about many accidents happen right after take off or during a landing, so I was VERY lucky and think about that day every so often.

I am not afraid to fly but that was a very surrreal moment.

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