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  • What do eggs and a rabbit have to do with EASTER???? Now ya know!

    I know the meaning behind Easter. It's celebration of the resurrection of JC. But I didn't know what the rabbit and eggs had to do with it.

  • Did you see the BLOOD Moon????

    A lot of people were talking about it. Did you see it?

  • Two words for the Rock and Roll hall of Fame..... ????

    With the recent class of the Rock and Roll HOF with KISS being one of the bands inducted, a drummer from a band that's already in the HOF has two words to say. He strongly believes this band deserves to be inducted.

  • from cow tipping to CAR tipping????

    If you grew up near the country or farm land, you've probably heard of cow tipping. Cow sleep standing up, so the idea was to run up really fast and push over a cow. If it works its really funny. If it doesn't, its pretty scary and can be dangerous. Now comes word that a new craze is CAR tipping. Cars are pretty heavy and can weigh tons. But 'smart' cars are very tiny and can weigh less than 2,000 pounds. I would hate to be the owner of a 'smart' car and come out one morning to see your car on its back legs. hahaha.

  • The Space Shuttle jumbo jet is going home...

    Whenever the space shuttle would land anywhere else than Florida after returning from space, it had to be returned from California or New Mexico on the back of a 747. The actual 747 that was outfitted to carry the shuttle is retired now and is being moved to Houston, TX to be an exhibit at Space Center Houston which is right next to The Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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