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    I love wine and I prefer reds. Whenever I have a good sit down dinner I usually order a red wine with the main course. I had heard about this a while back, but never looked into it. This morning on my timeline on facebook, a friend posted a pic of the wine he had for dinner last night and it was one of these 'Wines That Rock'.

  • INCREDIBLE!!! These will make your life easier....

    I came across this link and was blown away by more than half of these I can start immediately and it would totally make my life easier. These are simple and amazing! You'll think to yourself 'why didn't I think of this' on many of them.

  • IRONY at its best.... Beetles kill a Beatle memorial tree!

    Word comes out that a memorial tree that was dedicated to George Harrison of The Beatles was destroyed by beetles, of the bug kind.

  • VIDEO: An 'authorized' Beatles documentary in the works.....

    I like this. I am a fan of The Beatles. And I am a fan of Ron Howard films. Ron Howard, best known from his 'Opie' and 'Richie Cunninham' characters, as you may already know, has become a hugely successful and very talented Hollywood Director and Producer. From Rush, Angels and Demons, Apollo 13 and many others. Now comes word he has been given approval to do a Beatles documentary.

  • NEW Pink Floyd Album in October......

    Are you a Floyd fan? If so, you are gonna love this. Pink Floyd has announced plans to release a new album. Their first new album in 20 years. Its slated for an October 2014 release.

  • VIDEO: Mick Jagger the COMEDIAN??????

    He is the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands ever. He has an amazing voice, and, yes, he's actually a funny guy with a sense of humor. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones pokes fun of himself and his band when referring to Monty Python's reunion shows in London.

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