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  • Will it be a WHITE Christmas???

    The weathercast certainly seems to suggest so. For Wichita, a 50% chance of snow is in the forecast for Christmas Day. I plan to be visiting some family in Bartlesville, OK and their forecast says a 90% chance of snow! The question is, should I be traveling by car if the weather is suggesting this. I am leaving SJ behind and I am a little concerned I may be in some bad traffic and it will take longer to travel back home and it won't be good for SJ. I guess I will be making a last minute decision tomorrow morning whether I will be getting on the road.

  • Well played Mayans... well played.

    So this morning, we woke up to 1-2 inches of snow and ice. My dog was funny this morning, when I took him out to do his morning business. He saw snow as a very young puppy, but it had been almost two years since. He freaked a little, but finally figured out that the snow covering the grass was harmless. Tomorrow is December 21st, the day the Mayans predicted as the 'END OF THE WORLD'. Is todays snow and ice a pre-cursor to tomorrow's devastation? I certainly hope not, but we shall see.

  • Woooooooooooooo...He's BACK!

    Please allow me to geek out for a second. Wrestling legend Ric Flair returned to the WWE last night on their weekly television show RAW. He left several years ago when he lost a 'retirement' match and went to a smaller wrestling company. Last night, he showed up and for that brief moment, I totally geeked out and had goose bumps and was ecstatic seeing him back in the WWE. I've had the opportunity to meet him twice and both times, it's been awesome. Yes, I know wrestling is scripted and for the most part it is 'controlled' to allow the wrestlers to not get hurt. It's a male soap opera, I get it. But Ric Flair has been a name in the industry for four decades and is a true living legend. It was good to see him back last night.

  • Touching and heartfelt... Nicely done.

    The horrific events of this past Friday in Newtown has touched us all. We feel for the victims, the families, and the community of what transpired. Words can't even describe how many feel about what should and could be done to help prevent something like this again. Our President spoke at the vigil service last night, and if you saw any the speech, you saw how heartfelt he was and how powerful his words were. Here is the speech incase you missed it.

  • Holidays cards.....should I do it?

    It happens to all of us this time of the year. Our mailbox is full of Holiday cards from family and friends with their families. Each year comes and goes, and I have never done a card to send to others. I am single, never married and no kids. I do, however, have a dog. Should I have a picture taken of me and my dog and send it out to everyone wishing them 'happy holidays'? What do you think? Do you send out a holiday card to your friends and family?

  • Very cool... check this out?

    Today is 12.12.12 right? Everybody is talking about it and how that its the last time in our lifetime that this will happen. There will be some other variations of cool number dates in many years like 2.2.22 or 2.22.22 and so on. Tonight is a very important fundraiser for the east coast that I am sure many of you will be watching. Speaking of watch, a friend of mine took this picture from earlier today centered around today's cool date.

  • WHAT just happened????

    I was in utter shock last night watching MNF featuring the Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots. Both teams are really good. Houston apparently decided to not show up and got routed by the Patriots 42 - 14. I was blown away and upset. However, the Texans have already clinched their division and will make it to the playoffs. Let's hope they can regroup and be better prepared as they move forward towards the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. :) Go Texans.

  • They're back........I can't wait!

    I've mentioned I am a Trekkie. I wasn't a huge fan of the orginal series featuring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, for the most part because the graphics of the earlier times of television didn't make it that believable talking about the 23rd century. I was a HUGE Star Trek: TNG fan. I watched that show religiously. Then came Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I saw every episode probably 5 times. I went to all of the movies and just a huge fan. No I don't own any Star Trek uniforms, have never dressed up for Halloween or attended any conventions. When they decided to reboot the series with a younger cast portraying Kirk, Spock and the others, I was hesitant. I saw the first reboot and absolutely loved it. So now, yesterday, they've released the new movie trailor for the second movie that comes out in the summer of 2013. It looks really good. Check it out.

  • Do you prefer Mom and Pops?

    I went to a brand new Italian restaurant last night for dinner. It had just opened two weeks ago and it's the second location in Wichita. I prefer mom and pops over national chains. For several reasons. One, it's local, and the vibe is local and that just feels better, not as stuffy. Second, I feel the portions of the food are larger at mom and pops and you get more for your money. And finally, I like that the money stays here locally and helps infuse the local community. My dinner was great, and as a matter of fact, I had so much left over, that I have lunch and dinner tonight. I say, support your local mom and pop restaurants.

  • Will HE win it Saturday???

    No doubt, Kansas State football had a stellar year. And the team was led by quarterback Collin Klein. Collin is one of three finalists to win the annual Heisman Trophy, the award that goes to the most outstanding college football player.. This year, there are two quarterbacks and a defensive player. The awards ceremony is Saturday night. Will you be watching and rooting for Collin?

  • The heir to the throne IS???????

    As much as I think it's over the top of the media frenzy of the British royal family, I am still fascinated by them. It was announced that Princess Catherine is expecting. The new law now states that the first child of the heir is now in line to be the future monarch of Britian.. So, either a future King or a future Queen. I think we have all at one time in our lives, daydreamed of what it would be like to be a blue blood royal. There have been movies made about commonors becoming royal, the more funny one that comes to mind for me is King Ralph starring John Goodman. Anyway, as I mentioned, I do think its over the top with all the media coverage, but I am happy for William and Catherine on the news of their expecting their first born, the future King of Queen of England.

  • K State is going where?

    First off, congrats to the Kansas State Wildcats for their win over the Texas Longhorns. I talked a lot of smack the last week leading up to the game. And at least for the first half, it looked like Texas was on it's way to a good victory. They however, decided not to show up in the second half and K State handily beat the Longhorns. Congrats to Jan and all of you other Wildcat fans.

  • Your newborn daughter's name is WHAT?

    So in the last week, there was a news story of a couple naming their newborn girl with a very odd name. I am all for unusual, interesting names instead of the normal tom, john, mary or whatever, but I think these parents went a little too far. Apparently they are big fans of the social media outlet of twitter, as they named their daughter Hashtag. REALLY? Did these parent think about their daughter growing up with a name like that? What would she endure at the bus stop or on the playground or whatever.

  • Remakes, Reboots, and now costume changes? Really?

    News is out that the new Superman reboot featuring Zack Snyder as the "Man of Steel" will have a costume change. First, does it really matter? Second, do we care? I personally, am not even sure I will end up seeing the movie. Here is a picture of Zack as Superman. Can you figure out what the costume change is? That's right, no underwear in the new costume. haha

  • Let the smack talk begin Jan Harrison...

    This Saturday, Kansas State plays Texas in football. Jan went to and is a die hard K State fan. I am from Texas and a die hard Texas Longhorn fan. The game is in Manhatten and K State is certainly a good team this year. It's also going to be a very cold night. I would think K State is favored to win, but then again, they were favored to beat Baylor and we all saw what happened. Jan, K State is going down... HOOK EM! :)

  • Giving Thanks and the joys of FAMILY...

    Thanksgiving has always been the biggest holiday for me. It's the time of year when my family gets together. It also became more important to be with my mom during Thanksgiving as it became the anniversary of her husband/my step father's passing. My grandmother lives in Houston now so it's become extra special for us each year. It's also the time when I get to play uncle to my nephews and niece. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was just as good and special as mine.


    Happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend to all of you. I am heading home to Houston, Tx for the long weekend. Its about football, turkey, and family. I cherish these times as I am the only one living away from my immediate family and I miss out on many family functions. Enjoy your holiday, be safe, and hopefully you will enjoy the GIVING THANKS holiday weekend to the electric guitar. See ya Monday.

  • Was it too good to be true?

    Over the weekend, Kansas State was slated to play Baylor. K State was going into the game undefeated and ranked #1 in college football. Baylor was not ranked and everyone had picked K State to easily win the game. But as we saw, and you hear it all the time, "Any Given Saturday" can be applied. Baylor came out to play in front of their home crowd and easily beat K State. Not taking anything away from the Wildcats, they will still have an incredible season. Not just the #1 team lost over the weekend, with second ranked Oregon also losing. I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

  • A TV show centered around the "son".... really? Yeah, I just don't know...

    Last night, on Spike TV, there was an Eddie Murphy special. It was hilarious and great to see video of his comedic career and basically a bunch of other comedians doing a semi roast of Eddie. This morning, an article comes out of CBS Televison approving a pilot for a Beverly Hills Cop TV show centered around Eddie's character's son. Aaron Foley, Axel's son... REALLY??? I just don't know.

  • Does it truly get better with age?

    Seeing Aerosmith recently at Intrust Bank Arena made me think about the statement that we all hear that good things get better with age. It's really more about the experience and the showmanship for Aerosmith to me. This was the 3rd time I was able to see the band. The band has been around a long time, for over 30 years. As with any group that has been together that long, there have been in fighting and some jealousy here and there, but when they are up on stage and doing their thing, what they do best, it is magical. The entire set was just amazing. The stage show, the comradre and showmanship were all evident and it was truly a great experience to see them. I hope I am able to see them again.

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