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  • Do they belong in the Hall of Fame...

    Recently, the latest class of the Baseball Hall of Fame was announced. And who got voted in? No one! Nobody on the ballot got enough votes to get voted in.. This was the first year for Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens. None of them got even close to getting enough votes to get into the Hall of Fame. The steroid era is certainly being questioned. Finally, one of them is speaking out. Former Chicago Cub star Sammy Sosa has finally broke his silence.

  • Truly the end of an era...

    I found out yesterday along with all of you that a familiar voice in Wichita is hanging up his headphones. You've heard him on The Fox during severe weather. He is Dan Dillon. He has been the news director of our sister station KFDI for 34 years. Not only that, in the short time I have been here, he has become my friend. When I first moved here, I was a little freaked out about the severe Kansas weather. I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico and have been through more than 50 hurricanes in my life, but I've never experienced the crazy Kansas weather storms and tornados. Even off the air, Dan has that calming, reassuring voice that made me feel more comfortable. I live in a place with no basement, so when there has been severe weather, I've grabbed my dog SJ and we both come up to the Radio Ranch to feel more safe. Watching Dan and his team in action during storm coverage was a sight to see.

  • Unnecessary spending for four more years....

    Why are we spending millions of dollars to have President Obama sworn in as president? Isn't he already the President of the United States? Why is there a renewing of the vows so to speak? Maybe I am in the minority, but if we are a country that is broke and spending money that we don't have, isn't this an unnecessary event costing the tax payers millions of dollars. He was 'officially' sworn in yesterday in a private ceremony in the White House. Shouldn't that be enough. I am a fan of President Obama, I just think this is not the right thing to do, and it should be changed. It's awesome that he was voted in twice, but we don't need to spend the money

  • Ozzy Osbourne burned...

    No, not doing another wacky on stage stunt or anything crazy like that. Apparently, at the Osbourne house, Sharon had gone to bed upstairs in their home and left a candle burning downstairs. Well, that turned out to be a mistake as the hourse caught fire. Ozzy, trying to put the fire out, burned himself.

  • A brand new look for the Corvette...

    So have you heard? A new Corvette was unveiled. I remember growing up always thinking that the Corvette was a really cool car. I knew this girl in high school that had a hot red Corvette that she would drive to school each day. It didn't help I had a major crush on her. The Corvette was always the sports car that I thought I would end up getting one day. As I grew older, my taste changed and now I am a total SUV guy. The last 3 cars I've owned were all sport utilities. I have a dog, so an SUV is more practical anyway. But with them unveiling the new Corvette, it's brought back some good memories and who knows, maybe as I get older, and I truly go through the 'mid life' crisis, I'll go back to sports cars and get a Corvette.

  • Are you an armchair quarterback???

    Whenever something happens, are you one of those types of people that thinks it would have been better, or a different outcome would have happened if they did something else. Sports is a prime example of someone becoming an armchair quarterback. Your favorite team loses a game or whatever, so you as a big fan, quickly rush to judgement and say the things that the team should have done to have won the game. Well in this case, the team that I root for, the Houston Texans, lost yesterday to the New England Patriots and their season is over. The 'armchair quarterback' in me has already been thinking of some changes that the team needs to make in order for the them to be a better team next year. A new Offensive Coordinater, a better offensive line and possibly even a new quarterback are the three things I would like to see changed. Of course, I am just a fan of the team and giving my opinion, so this actually wont happen. Oh well. Until NEXT SEASON!

  • Two hometown stories on my mind...

    A couple of things going on that are pulling my emotions this week.

  • Captain Kirk to play Jack Ryan?????

    Actor Chris Pine, who portrays Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek reboot is now also bring another character back to the BIG screen. CIA analyst Jack Ryan is coming back in 2013 with a new movie. The role started by Alec Balwin, then Harrison Ford to then Ben Affleck is now going to be portrayed by Chris Pine. Check out the article about the new movie.

  • And so it ends with a blowout....

    WOW! I don't know if anyone expected the blowout that we witnessed last night. I am not an SEC fan, and I am not an Alabama fan, but they were certainly the better team last night and are the 2013 Champions. And now, the waiting game. The college football season is something I look forward to every year. I enjoy watching my favorite team, and a few others and look forward to going to a sports bar with a bunch of TV's and sitting back for hours and eating some bar food, sipping on some beverages and just 'being a guy'. For now, we have another 4 weeks left of Pro football. I can't wait til September!

  • Playoff football....I love it!

    The battle of the rookie studs are over. Both the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins lost in the wild card game over the weekend. Andrew Luck and RGIII are OUT! Great seasons for both, but neither will win the Super Bowl this year. My team, the Houston Texans, won their wild card game against the Cincinnati Bengals. It wasn't pretty, but it's a W in the playoffs. Next up for the Texans, is the New England Patriots in Foxborough. It will not be an easy game. Last time the two teams met, the Patriots destroyed us. The anticipation will drive me all week long til game time on Sunday. Fingers crossed for a victory.

  • How young is too young?

    So my niece just turned 12 and I found out yesterday that my brother and sister in law got her a phone for her birthday. More so a smartphone. My question is, how young is too young for certain things for kids. Does a 12 year old need a phone? Who are they going to call except their mom and dad and their grandparents. Do 12 year olds text already. Am I old, or being old fashioned? I just don't get it. Maybe I am being old fashioned. The young kids today know about computers, and smartphones, and tablets, and it's mind blowing what kids of today are doing. When I was a kid, I went out side to ride my big wheel. haha! ok, just had to vent.

  • A brand new year brings...

    As for most of us, January 1st is a 'day off' from work, and a time to just chill and do whatever: sleep in, clean the house, watch football, etc. Now for January 2nd, this is the day that it finally hits us that it's indeed a brand new year. 2013 is here and we have that time where we think to ourselves what this year will bring. Will it bring happiness, a new love interest, a new job, a new home, and other things that you may be thinking about. Happy New Year and make this a great year for you.

  • Another list of New Years resolutions....

    The annual tradition of coming up with a list of things you'll want to do, want to change, or want to quit doing has come. It's the last day of the year 2012. Haha. I guess I didn't come up with a list because I figured the Mayans were right and we wouldn't make it to 2013. But alas, it's here and I must come up with a list to use as a measuring stick. Do I want to lose weight? Do I want to get in shape and eat healthier? Do I want to reduse the amount of foul language that I use in everyday situations? Many things to chose from. I don't smoke and I am not a huge drinker, so those vices have never been a resolution. Are there things in my personal life that I want to either change or improve to help my personal life be more fulfilling?

  • Whats your Christmas Day tradition?

    A Christmas tradition for me is seeing a movie on Christmas Day. I usually do the first showing of the day at the theater. It's either the 12p showing or the 3p showing depending on the theater. This years big release is the new Quentin Tarantino movie. If you know anything about his movies, they are dark stories with lots of violence. This new one is called "Django Unchained" and has a great cast of big time names. I give it two thumbs up. The holiday downtime is not over, so if you want to go see a movie, go see it.

  • No WHITE Christmas!

    So I ended up going to Bartlesville, OK on Christmas Day to spend time with my sister in law's family. My brother, nephew and niece and all of my sister in laws family was there. Watching the TV stations talking about the weather and it was all about SNOW in the forecast for Wichita, and OKC and Tulsa. Bartlesville is 45 miles north of Tulsa. I even found a route to get to Bartlesville that would have me going east more and then south to avoid the snow. Turns out, NO SNOW! All of that for nothing. Haha.... It was still freezing and the wind made it feel even colder. But no snow for Christmas.

  • Will it be a WHITE Christmas???

    The weathercast certainly seems to suggest so. For Wichita, a 50% chance of snow is in the forecast for Christmas Day. I plan to be visiting some family in Bartlesville, OK and their forecast says a 90% chance of snow! The question is, should I be traveling by car if the weather is suggesting this. I am leaving SJ behind and I am a little concerned I may be in some bad traffic and it will take longer to travel back home and it won't be good for SJ. I guess I will be making a last minute decision tomorrow morning whether I will be getting on the road.

  • Well played Mayans... well played.

    So this morning, we woke up to 1-2 inches of snow and ice. My dog was funny this morning, when I took him out to do his morning business. He saw snow as a very young puppy, but it had been almost two years since. He freaked a little, but finally figured out that the snow covering the grass was harmless. Tomorrow is December 21st, the day the Mayans predicted as the 'END OF THE WORLD'. Is todays snow and ice a pre-cursor to tomorrow's devastation? I certainly hope not, but we shall see.

  • Woooooooooooooo...He's BACK!

    Please allow me to geek out for a second. Wrestling legend Ric Flair returned to the WWE last night on their weekly television show RAW. He left several years ago when he lost a 'retirement' match and went to a smaller wrestling company. Last night, he showed up and for that brief moment, I totally geeked out and had goose bumps and was ecstatic seeing him back in the WWE. I've had the opportunity to meet him twice and both times, it's been awesome. Yes, I know wrestling is scripted and for the most part it is 'controlled' to allow the wrestlers to not get hurt. It's a male soap opera, I get it. But Ric Flair has been a name in the industry for four decades and is a true living legend. It was good to see him back last night.

  • Touching and heartfelt... Nicely done.

    The horrific events of this past Friday in Newtown has touched us all. We feel for the victims, the families, and the community of what transpired. Words can't even describe how many feel about what should and could be done to help prevent something like this again. Our President spoke at the vigil service last night, and if you saw any the speech, you saw how heartfelt he was and how powerful his words were. Here is the speech incase you missed it.

  • Holidays cards.....should I do it?

    It happens to all of us this time of the year. Our mailbox is full of Holiday cards from family and friends with their families. Each year comes and goes, and I have never done a card to send to others. I am single, never married and no kids. I do, however, have a dog. Should I have a picture taken of me and my dog and send it out to everyone wishing them 'happy holidays'? What do you think? Do you send out a holiday card to your friends and family?

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