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  • K State is going where?

    First off, congrats to the Kansas State Wildcats for their win over the Texas Longhorns. I talked a lot of smack the last week leading up to the game. And at least for the first half, it looked like Texas was on it's way to a good victory. They however, decided not to show up in the second half and K State handily beat the Longhorns. Congrats to Jan and all of you other Wildcat fans.

  • Your newborn daughter's name is WHAT?

    So in the last week, there was a news story of a couple naming their newborn girl with a very odd name. I am all for unusual, interesting names instead of the normal tom, john, mary or whatever, but I think these parents went a little too far. Apparently they are big fans of the social media outlet of twitter, as they named their daughter Hashtag. REALLY? Did these parent think about their daughter growing up with a name like that? What would she endure at the bus stop or on the playground or whatever.

  • Remakes, Reboots, and now costume changes? Really?

    News is out that the new Superman reboot featuring Zack Snyder as the "Man of Steel" will have a costume change. First, does it really matter? Second, do we care? I personally, am not even sure I will end up seeing the movie. Here is a picture of Zack as Superman. Can you figure out what the costume change is? That's right, no underwear in the new costume. haha

  • Let the smack talk begin Jan Harrison...

    This Saturday, Kansas State plays Texas in football. Jan went to and is a die hard K State fan. I am from Texas and a die hard Texas Longhorn fan. The game is in Manhatten and K State is certainly a good team this year. It's also going to be a very cold night. I would think K State is favored to win, but then again, they were favored to beat Baylor and we all saw what happened. Jan, K State is going down... HOOK EM! :)

  • Giving Thanks and the joys of FAMILY...

    Thanksgiving has always been the biggest holiday for me. It's the time of year when my family gets together. It also became more important to be with my mom during Thanksgiving as it became the anniversary of her husband/my step father's passing. My grandmother lives in Houston now so it's become extra special for us each year. It's also the time when I get to play uncle to my nephews and niece. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was just as good and special as mine.


    Happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend to all of you. I am heading home to Houston, Tx for the long weekend. Its about football, turkey, and family. I cherish these times as I am the only one living away from my immediate family and I miss out on many family functions. Enjoy your holiday, be safe, and hopefully you will enjoy the GIVING THANKS holiday weekend to the electric guitar. See ya Monday.

  • Was it too good to be true?

    Over the weekend, Kansas State was slated to play Baylor. K State was going into the game undefeated and ranked #1 in college football. Baylor was not ranked and everyone had picked K State to easily win the game. But as we saw, and you hear it all the time, "Any Given Saturday" can be applied. Baylor came out to play in front of their home crowd and easily beat K State. Not taking anything away from the Wildcats, they will still have an incredible season. Not just the #1 team lost over the weekend, with second ranked Oregon also losing. I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

  • A TV show centered around the "son".... really? Yeah, I just don't know...

    Last night, on Spike TV, there was an Eddie Murphy special. It was hilarious and great to see video of his comedic career and basically a bunch of other comedians doing a semi roast of Eddie. This morning, an article comes out of CBS Televison approving a pilot for a Beverly Hills Cop TV show centered around Eddie's character's son. Aaron Foley, Axel's son... REALLY??? I just don't know.

  • Does it truly get better with age?

    Seeing Aerosmith recently at Intrust Bank Arena made me think about the statement that we all hear that good things get better with age. It's really more about the experience and the showmanship for Aerosmith to me. This was the 3rd time I was able to see the band. The band has been around a long time, for over 30 years. As with any group that has been together that long, there have been in fighting and some jealousy here and there, but when they are up on stage and doing their thing, what they do best, it is magical. The entire set was just amazing. The stage show, the comradre and showmanship were all evident and it was truly a great experience to see them. I hope I am able to see them again.

  • The coolest job EVER........

    Would being a double O agent in the British Secret Service be the coolest job ever? haha. Probably more a dangerous job than the coolest. But it's finally here. The new James Bond movie is out this weekend. I am a diehard Bond fan and have been looking forward to this weekend. I've been reenergized with the James Bond franchise ever since Daniel Craig became the new actor who has played the title character. His version, along with the scripts of the last 3 movies have been darker, more mysterious and just plain more awesome. Where will I be sometime this weekend. At the movie theater checking out SKYFALL.

  • Follow the instructions on the label... will I ever learn?

    I wear contacts. More so I wear the kind that you can keep in and the "suggested" time to keep them in is no more than 30 days. Well, we are all guilty every so often and I left mine in a little longer and it caught up to me. My left eye developed an ulcer and right now I am in a lot of pain. Obviously, I don't have a contact in my eye and I am daking powerful eye drops to correct the problem and alleviate the pain. It's about 4 days of taking the eye drops. Worse, I am sensitive to bright light. I sound like I am a mogwai from Gremlins when I say that. Anyway, the lesson learned and what you should take away from my misfortune, is that if the box tells you not do something, don't do it. If the box tells you not to wear the contacts more than 30 days, and I do, well then, I am the only one to blame. Has this happened to you?

  • Are you insane? Well, are you?

    The defintion of insanity when it comes down to it, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome each time. Lately, things are going on in my personal life, that I find myself wondering if insanity is somewhat related to what's going on. I also tend to be hard headed about things. Just ask my mother. haha! Well, this was therapeutic to actually type this out instead of thinking about it in my head. Thank you for letting me vent. So are YOU insane?

  • Why do I wait to the last minute....

    Halloween is tonight. And again, I am without a costume. This is a yearly occurance and I just don't have the ingenuity to come up with a costume weeks in advance and be ready by the time Halloween comes around. This year has been really tough as well to come up with a costume. I did have an idea about a month ago. I was going to be a replacement NFL rep wearing sunglasses and with a blind man walking stick. However, with the real refs back, the costume makes no sense now. So with that, I procrastinated and now it's too late. I need your help. Any last minute ideas?

  • Good ole Mother Nature....

    Hurricane Sandy is approaching the east coast near New Jersey/ New York City and will be hitting land by tonight. As someone who has been through probably 30+ hurricanes in my life, I know what everyone is going through. Its part anxiety and part curiousity that is mostly going through their minds. Hurricane Sandy looks to be a masssive weather system and very strong. The biggest issue, is that most of the east coast is not prepared for such a storm. But as you saw in New Orleans, its the infrastructure that cause the most damage. Are buildings structurely sound to withstand a hurricane? Are levees in areas where there can be a strong possibility of flooding? So realistically, a hurricane is just strong wind and lots of rain. There is a possibility of tornados in the storm system as well. The smartest thing to do, regardless of the strength, is if you are able to, is to evacuate the area and move more inland and either get a hotel room or stay with family or friends until the worst of it has come and gone. Prior to leaving, you should either tape up windows or board them with large pieces of plywood. Also to tie down anything that could be swept away by the strong winds. Bottom line, is your life is more important than material things. That's what insurance companies are for.

  • What the......

    How does it go from 80 degrees to 45 degress overnight... Ugh! The start of winter number 2 for me here in Kansas. Ok, I know, it's not winter. But 45 degrees is cold. I got a flu shot a few weeks ago, so hopefully, I am not going to get sick. I am flat out, just not a cold weather person. The only time I don't mind cold weather is if I am in a location that's known for it. Such as a ski resort destination or something like that. Other than that, I hate cold weather. I've talked about this before, and I will never not talk about it. I hate cold weather..

  • I definately give it a Thumbs Up...

    My mom told me to go check out the movie Argo. If you remember the 1979 Iran hostage situation, this movie is based on that event. The six missing embassy workers who escaped the embassy and hit out in the Canadian embassy to ultimately pose as Canadian film makers to escape Iran. The movie stars Ben Affleck.

  • I'm stuck...

    It's two weeks away from Halloween, and I have NO idea what to dress up as this year. Usually, by now, I have a good idea of what I want to do. Not this year. About 4 weeks ago, there was an idea. To dress up like a replacement NFL referee with a blind walking stick and sunglasses. Now that the strike is over, the costume doesn't make any sense. I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

  • Would you do THIS?

    There are a lot of thrill seakers out there. Many like to do incredibly dangerous things and most of the things are life threatening. Over the weekend, it finally happened. We had been hearing about it in the news for the last 3 - 4 weeks. A guy was going to jump from over 23 miles above the earth and free fall to hopefully break the sound barrier. I was actually doing something on my computer at the time so I decided to watch the live stream and was just mezmerised watching it. Would you do something like this?

  • Owning a pet is a responsibility...

    I have a dog. My dog is EVERYTHING to me. I feed him, bathe him, take him to the dog park to run around, and just all around treat him well. It makes me sick when I see a lose dog on the side of the road wandering with a danger of getting hit by a car or whatever. Last night, after getting home from work, I put SJ on a leash, walked outside and started walking him to get excercise and do his business. Out of nowhere, a dog comes running up. The dog had a collar on but no information on the collar. There was no one calling his name, or running up to get him. That drives me nutz.

  • A heartbeat away...

    The VP debate is tonight from Danville, KY. It always intrigues me watching this debate as it's the person who is one hearbeat away from being President of the United States. The debate tonight is debating the issues about what the candidate for President's views are, not necessarily their own. That's the main reason I don't understand why this debate is held.

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