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  • What the......

    How does it go from 80 degrees to 45 degress overnight... Ugh! The start of winter number 2 for me here in Kansas. Ok, I know, it's not winter. But 45 degrees is cold. I got a flu shot a few weeks ago, so hopefully, I am not going to get sick. I am flat out, just not a cold weather person. The only time I don't mind cold weather is if I am in a location that's known for it. Such as a ski resort destination or something like that. Other than that, I hate cold weather. I've talked about this before, and I will never not talk about it. I hate cold weather..

  • I definately give it a Thumbs Up...

    My mom told me to go check out the movie Argo. If you remember the 1979 Iran hostage situation, this movie is based on that event. The six missing embassy workers who escaped the embassy and hit out in the Canadian embassy to ultimately pose as Canadian film makers to escape Iran. The movie stars Ben Affleck.

  • I'm stuck...

    It's two weeks away from Halloween, and I have NO idea what to dress up as this year. Usually, by now, I have a good idea of what I want to do. Not this year. About 4 weeks ago, there was an idea. To dress up like a replacement NFL referee with a blind walking stick and sunglasses. Now that the strike is over, the costume doesn't make any sense. I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

  • Would you do THIS?

    There are a lot of thrill seakers out there. Many like to do incredibly dangerous things and most of the things are life threatening. Over the weekend, it finally happened. We had been hearing about it in the news for the last 3 - 4 weeks. A guy was going to jump from over 23 miles above the earth and free fall to hopefully break the sound barrier. I was actually doing something on my computer at the time so I decided to watch the live stream and was just mezmerised watching it. Would you do something like this?

  • Owning a pet is a responsibility...

    I have a dog. My dog is EVERYTHING to me. I feed him, bathe him, take him to the dog park to run around, and just all around treat him well. It makes me sick when I see a lose dog on the side of the road wandering with a danger of getting hit by a car or whatever. Last night, after getting home from work, I put SJ on a leash, walked outside and started walking him to get excercise and do his business. Out of nowhere, a dog comes running up. The dog had a collar on but no information on the collar. There was no one calling his name, or running up to get him. That drives me nutz.

  • A heartbeat away...

    The VP debate is tonight from Danville, KY. It always intrigues me watching this debate as it's the person who is one hearbeat away from being President of the United States. The debate tonight is debating the issues about what the candidate for President's views are, not necessarily their own. That's the main reason I don't understand why this debate is held.

  • It feels really good...

    to wake up knowing the NFL team that I root for every year and have been a fan of since they first started as a team as now being 5 - 0 in the first time it's franchise history. The Houston Texans beat the New York Jets last night for a great Monday night game. I am having a blast being at Larry Bud's East every Monday hosting a viewing party. Have you come out yet? We have tickets every week to a KU game, and also the wing eating contest at halftime. Larry Bud's has a great menu and it's a great atmospher to sit back, drink a cold one, and enjoy your favorite game on the tv's. Come out next Monday and say hey.

  • I am such a wuss....

    So this past weekend we got our first taste of cold weather. It's not even winter yet, and it was down in the 50's during the day and the 30's at night. A nice Canadian cold front was all down the the central part of the US. I even heard it was cold in my hometown of Houston. I don't know what it is, but I am just a total wuss when it comes to cold weather. I whine when it hits 60 degrees. haha. I certainly hope this is a mid winter in Kansas this upcoming season.

  • Finally a good movie weekend...

    I really liked the first movie. Now it's shown all the time on the FX network. The movie TAKEN starring Liam Neeson. Today, starts the opening weekend of the sequal. TAKEN 2 looks really good. The general storyline is the revenge from the family members of those slain by Neeson's character in the first movie.

  • Undefeated... How are you're teams doing?

    For the first time in like...FOREVER, both the teams I follow during football season are undefeated.. The Houston Texans are 4 - 0 in the NFL and the Texas Longhorns are 4 - 0 in college football. I am a big fan of both and am loving the season of football so far. It's become a ritual for me every weekend. I have favorite hangout for the Longhorn games on the east side and I watch the Texans play at my favorite sports bar on the west side. The question is, will they be undefeated after this upcoming weekend. The Longhorns play West Virginia, which after watching WV this past weekend, will be a tough game to win. The Texans play the NY Jets on next weeks Monday Night Football. I'll be at Larry Bud's East watching the Texans game. Make plans to come on out. Who are the teams you follow in college and the pro's?

  • They'reeeeeeeeeee Back!

    We found out last night, that the NFL and the Referees Association has come to an agreement to end the labor dispute that has kept the 'real' refs from officiating this season. It's finally over, and the refs start tonight for Thursday Night Football and this upcoming weekend. This has been a crazy start to the season with my team, the Houston Texans currently at 3 - 0. They play the Tennessee Titans this weekend, which you may remember once were the Houston Oilers. I look forward to football season every year and enjoy going to the local sports bar to watch all the games.

  • One call cost hundreds of millions of dollars...

    The call by the replacement officials at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game goes way beyond just a bad call. It goes way beyond the win-loss record of each team. That one bad call cost betters between $150 to $250 million dollars. Let's face it, there are people that bet serious money on sporting events. Legal or illegal, huge amounts of money change hands every week from sporting events. The fact that this one bad call shifted that kind of money is mind blowing. I think it's time that Mr. Goodell and the NFL find a way to come to an agreement with the referrees to end the lock out and get the more competant officials back to work. Your thoughts?

  • The Space Shuttle's final flight....

    I've blogged about this before. I am from the part of Houston where NASA is. The Johnson Space Center was practically in my back yard. It was not uncommon to see the space shuttle fly over Houston and landing, before heading back to Florida if it had landed in Californina. Well, that's whats happening now. It is flying to California for its final resting place at a museum. The shuttle is on top of a plane and it stopped in Houston. Below is a video of a flyby near the airport as it flew around Houston before landing at Ellington Air Force Base.. It's very cool.

  • Already a wild ride...

    Just a few weeks into football season and both on the college level as well as in the pro's, we've already seen some crazy upsets. I am a fan of dynasties in sports. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70's, the New England Patriots, there are several other programs that are dominant for many years. In the college level, it seems the new dynasty is the Alabama Crimson Tide. They have been dominant for the last few years and this year seems no different. Aside from them, at the college level, there have already been a few upsets and we are only into the season a few weeks. At the pro level, the season has started off with the New Orleans Saints at 0-2. And some teams that were bad in the past seem to have turned their programs around and are now doing well. I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!! Who are your favorite college and pro teams?

  • Princess Kate topless! ...

    First off, I am a fan of the British royal family. Actually, I am intrigued by all royal families. I am fascinated by the whole ruling a country thing. When I went to Europe on vacation last month, I went to Monte Carlo and walked by the palace of Prince Albert of Monaco and saw the tombs of Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III... Anyway, the world is fascinated by royals as well. Magazines, books, movies all do well when it relates to royals. I am a huge Princess Kate fan. Yes, she is very attractive, but it's more about the fact that she was a "commoner" that a prince fell in love with. Now it's been revealed that a topless photo of Princess Kate has been published in a Frence tabloid magazine. Would you buy the magazine to see it? I would! What are your thoughts?

  • The RAID on Osama Bin Laden.... WOW!

    Did anyone see the 60 Minutes piece this past Sunday. They had the entire hour show devoted to interviewing one of the Seal Team Six members who wrote a book about the raid on the compound where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. It was very interesting to hear about the nights events. The person they were interviewing was using an alias name and had been disguised in make up and his voice altered to help hide his true identity. I am really thinking about getting the book to read. Also at the end of the show, it was reported that Leon Panetta and the US government were looking into reprimanding this officer for providing details of a military operation. The Seal Team Six member had signed a confidentiality agreement. Here is the episode. What are your thoughts of the whole situation?

  • Was week 1 of the NFL worth the wait???

    I love football season. I love the ambiance of a sports bar with all the tv's showing the games. Thank god for the NFL ticket package so that we can watch 4-6 at once and just be entrenched in football. Week 1 is over. All the hype of Andrew Luck, RG III and Peyton Manning. My hometown team, the Houston Texans came out strong. Just a great first week, well if your favorite teams won. Who are you rooting for?

  • Up for a debate?

    Now that the conventions are over, it's on to the debates between Obama and Romney. I am curious to see how those play out. I actually like watching debates. I enjoy seeing each of the participants show their passion and their vision for whatever the debate is pertaining to. Did you watch either or both of the conventions? What did you think?

  • What do you mean I can't watch the game?....

    College football is back. It's no secret that I am a huge Texas Longhorns fan. So being that the season was coming near, I was excited to go to a local sports bar each week to watch the weekly game. And bam, I find out that no one is carrying the game. This is the first year that the LONGHORN NETWORK is around. UT has their own sports network. The problem is, that not many cable providers carry the new Longhorn Network. So, I will not be able to see several of the games this season for that very reason. What a bummer. I did find out that the new network came to terms with AT&T u Verse. However, that provider isn't everywhere and I am still looking for a sports bar that I can go to. If you know where I can go to see the games, please let me know.

  • Mr. Eastwood....were you expecting something different?

    The segment with Clint Eastwood was pretty funny. I was not expecting anything serious. Should you expect something serious from a Hollywood type? No. Putting politics aside, he was really good and funny, and yes it was sometimes awkward. This is exactly what I thought this was going to be.

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