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  • Undefeated... How are you're teams doing?

    For the first time in like...FOREVER, both the teams I follow during football season are undefeated.. The Houston Texans are 4 - 0 in the NFL and the Texas Longhorns are 4 - 0 in college football. I am a big fan of both and am loving the season of football so far. It's become a ritual for me every weekend. I have favorite hangout for the Longhorn games on the east side and I watch the Texans play at my favorite sports bar on the west side. The question is, will they be undefeated after this upcoming weekend. The Longhorns play West Virginia, which after watching WV this past weekend, will be a tough game to win. The Texans play the NY Jets on next weeks Monday Night Football. I'll be at Larry Bud's East watching the Texans game. Make plans to come on out. Who are the teams you follow in college and the pro's?

  • They'reeeeeeeeeee Back!

    We found out last night, that the NFL and the Referees Association has come to an agreement to end the labor dispute that has kept the 'real' refs from officiating this season. It's finally over, and the refs start tonight for Thursday Night Football and this upcoming weekend. This has been a crazy start to the season with my team, the Houston Texans currently at 3 - 0. They play the Tennessee Titans this weekend, which you may remember once were the Houston Oilers. I look forward to football season every year and enjoy going to the local sports bar to watch all the games.

  • One call cost hundreds of millions of dollars...

    The call by the replacement officials at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game goes way beyond just a bad call. It goes way beyond the win-loss record of each team. That one bad call cost betters between $150 to $250 million dollars. Let's face it, there are people that bet serious money on sporting events. Legal or illegal, huge amounts of money change hands every week from sporting events. The fact that this one bad call shifted that kind of money is mind blowing. I think it's time that Mr. Goodell and the NFL find a way to come to an agreement with the referrees to end the lock out and get the more competant officials back to work. Your thoughts?

  • The Space Shuttle's final flight....

    I've blogged about this before. I am from the part of Houston where NASA is. The Johnson Space Center was practically in my back yard. It was not uncommon to see the space shuttle fly over Houston and landing, before heading back to Florida if it had landed in Californina. Well, that's whats happening now. It is flying to California for its final resting place at a museum. The shuttle is on top of a plane and it stopped in Houston. Below is a video of a flyby near the airport as it flew around Houston before landing at Ellington Air Force Base.. It's very cool.

  • Already a wild ride...

    Just a few weeks into football season and both on the college level as well as in the pro's, we've already seen some crazy upsets. I am a fan of dynasties in sports. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70's, the New England Patriots, there are several other programs that are dominant for many years. In the college level, it seems the new dynasty is the Alabama Crimson Tide. They have been dominant for the last few years and this year seems no different. Aside from them, at the college level, there have already been a few upsets and we are only into the season a few weeks. At the pro level, the season has started off with the New Orleans Saints at 0-2. And some teams that were bad in the past seem to have turned their programs around and are now doing well. I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!! Who are your favorite college and pro teams?

  • Princess Kate topless! ...

    First off, I am a fan of the British royal family. Actually, I am intrigued by all royal families. I am fascinated by the whole ruling a country thing. When I went to Europe on vacation last month, I went to Monte Carlo and walked by the palace of Prince Albert of Monaco and saw the tombs of Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III... Anyway, the world is fascinated by royals as well. Magazines, books, movies all do well when it relates to royals. I am a huge Princess Kate fan. Yes, she is very attractive, but it's more about the fact that she was a "commoner" that a prince fell in love with. Now it's been revealed that a topless photo of Princess Kate has been published in a Frence tabloid magazine. Would you buy the magazine to see it? I would! What are your thoughts?

  • The RAID on Osama Bin Laden.... WOW!

    Did anyone see the 60 Minutes piece this past Sunday. They had the entire hour show devoted to interviewing one of the Seal Team Six members who wrote a book about the raid on the compound where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. It was very interesting to hear about the nights events. The person they were interviewing was using an alias name and had been disguised in make up and his voice altered to help hide his true identity. I am really thinking about getting the book to read. Also at the end of the show, it was reported that Leon Panetta and the US government were looking into reprimanding this officer for providing details of a military operation. The Seal Team Six member had signed a confidentiality agreement. Here is the episode. What are your thoughts of the whole situation?

  • Was week 1 of the NFL worth the wait???

    I love football season. I love the ambiance of a sports bar with all the tv's showing the games. Thank god for the NFL ticket package so that we can watch 4-6 at once and just be entrenched in football. Week 1 is over. All the hype of Andrew Luck, RG III and Peyton Manning. My hometown team, the Houston Texans came out strong. Just a great first week, well if your favorite teams won. Who are you rooting for?

  • Up for a debate?

    Now that the conventions are over, it's on to the debates between Obama and Romney. I am curious to see how those play out. I actually like watching debates. I enjoy seeing each of the participants show their passion and their vision for whatever the debate is pertaining to. Did you watch either or both of the conventions? What did you think?

  • What do you mean I can't watch the game?....

    College football is back. It's no secret that I am a huge Texas Longhorns fan. So being that the season was coming near, I was excited to go to a local sports bar each week to watch the weekly game. And bam, I find out that no one is carrying the game. This is the first year that the LONGHORN NETWORK is around. UT has their own sports network. The problem is, that not many cable providers carry the new Longhorn Network. So, I will not be able to see several of the games this season for that very reason. What a bummer. I did find out that the new network came to terms with AT&T u Verse. However, that provider isn't everywhere and I am still looking for a sports bar that I can go to. If you know where I can go to see the games, please let me know.

  • Mr. Eastwood....were you expecting something different?

    The segment with Clint Eastwood was pretty funny. I was not expecting anything serious. Should you expect something serious from a Hollywood type? No. Putting politics aside, he was really good and funny, and yes it was sometimes awkward. This is exactly what I thought this was going to be.

  • Isaac is on his way...

    Growing up in the south and directly on the water and coast in Houston, I was exposed to hurricanes. I've also lived in south Louisiana and was in the path of Katrina living in Mississippi. I know hurricanes and what they can do. For the most part, it's simply strong winds and lots of rain. However, the destruction is very real. Property including homes, businesses and automobiles can be destroyed. Power almost always goes out for thousands of people and in some cases for weeks. The cost of supplies, food, water and gas go up and in many cases, gas is depleted in areas for extended periods of time. Katrina was a strong hurricane however, the events in New Orleans were mostly because of the levees failing. The one thing about hurricanes is because of our technology, the media can give you fair warning of the projected path of the eye and the strength of the hurricane. My thoughts are with everyone on the Texas, Louisian, Mississippi coast over the next few days. Have you experienced a hurricane?

  • One small step..... RIP Mr. Armstrong!

    I've mentioned this before. I grew up in Clear Lake City, Texas an annexed section of Houston that is the home of the Johnson Space Center affiliated with NASA. I was honored and fortunate to be around the space shuttle program. I knew many astronauts and have many friends that work for NASA today. One day back in 1988, I met the first human to walk on the moon. That's right, I met Neil Armstrong. He was at a hotel I was working at for a summer job. He was staying there. The hotel was directly across the street from where the Johnson Space Center is and many dignitaries stay at this hotel. All I remember really is that I said "hello" and that I was "honored to meet you". But the fact of the matter is, I met Neil Armstrong. You will always be a part of our history. Godspeed Mr. Armstrong. Who have you met that was truly an honor for you?

  • SHOCKER!!! I can't believe it...

    Actually, I am really not that surprised, even though I don't want to believe it and think it's unfair. Apparently, cyclist Lance Armstrong will stop fighting his case and with that it will come across that he is giving up on his defense that he did not use PED's during his career and his 7 Tour De France wins. With that, he will be stripped of those wins. And the public perception most certainly will turn against him with everyone thinking he cheated. PED's in pro sports is starting to sound like a broken record. Do I agree with it, no. But I don't lose sleep over it and my feeling towards certain athletes doesn't change much. What are your thought?

  • Why do we have bad dreams?

    I had a bad dream last night that really scared the crap out of me. I woke up and immediately hugged my dog. The main thing in my dream that is imprinted in my mind is me shooting my dog multiple times to stop him from attacking me. WHY whould I have such a dream? My dog SJ is the absolute coolest, most laid back dog. He rarely barks, his tail wags constantly and he is always wanting to play. Why would I have such a horrible dream of that happening? I don't own a firearm, and probably never will, and I can't comprehend why that would happen. This is a dream that I will never forget. What's the worst dream you've ever had?

  • It's finally hit me....and I'm excited!

    Football season is HERE! Preseason NFL is going on which obviously means the season is approaching. And college football is in 2 weeks. As I am a fan of both pro and college football, I find myself more entrenched in watching and being excited about college football. Being from the state of Texas, I am a huge Longhorn fan. I am also psyched about their away schedule this season as both games against Kansas and Kansas State are games here in the state of Kansas. So I already am pumped about weekend roadtrips to both Lawrence and Manhatten to see those games. Yes, I will be rooting for the Texas Longhorns, sorry. haha. What team in the NFL or in college do you follow?

  • Is 50 years old too old to play in the majors?

    Roger Clemens is making a comeback! Well sort of. He is scheduled to pitch in a minor league baseball game just outside of Houston for the Sugarland Skeeters. I am from Houston, and have been a Roger Clemens fan ever since he pitched in college at The University of Texas. I always picked him for my team in fantasy baseball. I loved it when he played a few seasons for the Houston Astros. Sure, the whole steriod mess was well, simply a mess, but that never changed my attitude toward him. Whatever the case, he is no longer being thrown around in the court system and he and everyone else can move on. I for one, hope he does well enough for the Skeeters to quiet the doubters and possibly make a comeback in the majors for the Astros or whomever. What's your opinion of the Roger Clemens story?

  • Do you want to see action packed movies? Here are two...

    Over the weekend, aside from still having sleeping issues with my jet lag coming back from my vacation, I ventured out to the movie theater twice to see some movies. The first one I saw was The Expendables 2. The second installmant from Sylvester Stallone featuring a slew of action stars all on the big screne togther. I won't get into the storyline to ruin it for anyone who still has yet to see it. But overall, not to bad. The movie definately has all the action you would want and some comedy thrown in with some great one liners. The second movie I saw over the weekend was The Bourne Legacy. It's the fourth movie in the franchise, this time starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross. The movie did not have Matt Damon in it, however there were several references to his character Jason Bourne. Jeremy does a good job as the next super government agent and I look forward to seeing where the story, his character, and if Matt Damon eventually comes back as Jason Bourne to tie everything together. I recommend both movies if you like action movies. What movie did you see this weekend?

  • Back to reality....

    I returned back from my European vacation. More blogs to come talking about my experiences there and what I did. But this blog is about two words: jet lag. I went to a part of Europe that is 7 hours ahead of the central time zone that we have here in Kansas. Going there wasn't that bad, since the airplane ride over was done purposefully to land in the morning, so I was able to sleep on the plane to be ok getting there. Coming back, well that's a different story. I arrived home at 11p on Tuesday night, but in my body and mind, it was already 6a. So you can imagine the lack of sleep and trying to perform your job on that lack of sleep. Last night I got home from work and was in bed asleep by 7:30p. I woke up this morning at 5:45a. A nice long sleep. I am not totally recovered, so hopefully in the next two days, will get back to normal. What's your jet lag story?

  • I'm off to see the wizard....

    Oh wait, that's here in Kansas. My vacation is FINALLY here. I leave tonight for Europe. I am going on a cruise with ports in France, Italy, and Spain. I booked this trip 6 months ago, and have been anticipating this experience. I have never been to any of these cities. I went to Germany when I was in high school, but haven't traveled abroad since. I had to get a new passport and I have decided to start traveling more. This trip will be the first of many in years to come. This cruise, I will visit Monte Carlo, Monaco. I definately plan to go into a casino all dressed up to gamble. That should be fun. I am also visiting Florence, Rome, and Sardinia in Italy. I will go to the Vatican. I am definately looking forward to that experience. I will visit Saint-Tropez and Marseille in France and also Barcelona, Spain. The only thing that I am not looking forward to is the jet lag that I will be experiencing when I arrive back here in the states and home to Wichita. I will be back here at work the day after I arrive. That won't be fun. Where have you visited that I should look into for a future vacation?

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