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  • Do you want to see action packed movies? Here are two...

    Over the weekend, aside from still having sleeping issues with my jet lag coming back from my vacation, I ventured out to the movie theater twice to see some movies. The first one I saw was The Expendables 2. The second installmant from Sylvester Stallone featuring a slew of action stars all on the big screne togther. I won't get into the storyline to ruin it for anyone who still has yet to see it. But overall, not to bad. The movie definately has all the action you would want and some comedy thrown in with some great one liners. The second movie I saw over the weekend was The Bourne Legacy. It's the fourth movie in the franchise, this time starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross. The movie did not have Matt Damon in it, however there were several references to his character Jason Bourne. Jeremy does a good job as the next super government agent and I look forward to seeing where the story, his character, and if Matt Damon eventually comes back as Jason Bourne to tie everything together. I recommend both movies if you like action movies. What movie did you see this weekend?

  • Back to reality....

    I returned back from my European vacation. More blogs to come talking about my experiences there and what I did. But this blog is about two words: jet lag. I went to a part of Europe that is 7 hours ahead of the central time zone that we have here in Kansas. Going there wasn't that bad, since the airplane ride over was done purposefully to land in the morning, so I was able to sleep on the plane to be ok getting there. Coming back, well that's a different story. I arrived home at 11p on Tuesday night, but in my body and mind, it was already 6a. So you can imagine the lack of sleep and trying to perform your job on that lack of sleep. Last night I got home from work and was in bed asleep by 7:30p. I woke up this morning at 5:45a. A nice long sleep. I am not totally recovered, so hopefully in the next two days, will get back to normal. What's your jet lag story?

  • I'm off to see the wizard....

    Oh wait, that's here in Kansas. My vacation is FINALLY here. I leave tonight for Europe. I am going on a cruise with ports in France, Italy, and Spain. I booked this trip 6 months ago, and have been anticipating this experience. I have never been to any of these cities. I went to Germany when I was in high school, but haven't traveled abroad since. I had to get a new passport and I have decided to start traveling more. This trip will be the first of many in years to come. This cruise, I will visit Monte Carlo, Monaco. I definately plan to go into a casino all dressed up to gamble. That should be fun. I am also visiting Florence, Rome, and Sardinia in Italy. I will go to the Vatican. I am definately looking forward to that experience. I will visit Saint-Tropez and Marseille in France and also Barcelona, Spain. The only thing that I am not looking forward to is the jet lag that I will be experiencing when I arrive back here in the states and home to Wichita. I will be back here at work the day after I arrive. That won't be fun. Where have you visited that I should look into for a future vacation?

  • You think I have a chance?

    Yesterday, The Fox was the media partner for the Krome Kittie's fundraiser for the YWCA at Twin Peaks. I stopped by to help out Jan and Phil. What man doesn't love a beautiful women who wears leather and likes to ride on a motorcycle. The only problem for me is, I don't ride, so they probably wouldn't be intereested in me. Maybe I should start. haha

  • 4 days in, are ya watching?

    The 2012 Summer Games have started, and I can honestly say, I have watched maybe an hours worth of the Olympics. I am pretty picky in what events I watch and so far, I haven't been interested. The men's basketball, I will definately watch when it gets into the medal rounds. But overall, this hasnt been an eventful one for me as of yet. Are you watching?

  • Will the remake be better?

    Another weekend comes another big movie release. This one is actually a remake. The movie is called Total Recall starring Colin Farrell. It's a remake of the original from 1990 that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. With the better technology of today in movie making, the trailer that was released makes the movie look really good. The storyline looks to be the same and I have read about certain little things that will be the same in the new version. I look forward to see it. Are you going to see this movie?

  • A rare Hollywood event. Definately a class act!

    The tragedy in Aurora, CO was horrible. No words can describe the senseless act that happened at the midnight showing of the new Batman movie. Several deaths and many more people seriously or critically injured. But earlier this week, a true class act happened. Actor Christian Bale, the actor who portrays Bruce Wayne/Batman visited Aorora and the hospitals to visit the wounded. He did this totally on his own. It's great to see that he truely has compassion and feels for the victims. A true class act, and you take away from hearing about this story as a bigger fan of Christian.

  • You wanted a cliffhanger, you got one!

    The new Batman movie opened up and I really enjoyed it. Action packed, a good storyline and most certainly the ending left you hanging for what will happen in the next movie. Will Christian Bale return as Batman, not sure, but I look forward to the next installment in 2014. I won't talk about the plot incase you haven't seen it. Did you see the movie? What did you think?

  • Will it or won't it happen?

    The question is will I be able to get a ticket to see the new Batman movie this weekend. The movie opens tonight at midnight for opening weekend and if it's anything like The Avengers opening weekend, there won't be a ticket for several weeks. Huge anticipation for this movie being the last of the trilogy and probably the last featuring current Batman actor Christian Bale. Plus, with rumors of the ending being announced on the internet as well as if the slip by David Letterman was real, not probably going to affect the ticket sales. I can't wait to see it? Are you going to see this movie?

  • This is a reunion tour concert I would love to see...

    There are many bands that you may have been fans of back in the 70's or 80's that split up and you never thought they would get back together. Some should NEVER get back together and some just do it for the money. Just recently, Stevie Nicks confirmed rumors that a planned Fleetwood Mac reunion would take place with a tour scheduled for 2013. I never saw them in concert and I am a fan of their music. I think this will be a huge tour. What are your thoughts and what bands would you like to see reunite for a tour?

  • Is it the BEGINNING of the END? I think so....

    Steven Tyler has quit American Idol. We also heard that JLo may be leaving and Randy Jackson hasn't signed a new extension yet. It sounds to me that the entire judges table may be changing for next season. Are you like me though, and haven't watched the show in the last few years. The show isn't as instrumental anymore, and has lost it's impact on most of the American society. With so many new reality singing and talent shows, those seem to have most of the interest now from everyone. American Idol had a great run, but I think it may be time to hang it up. Your thoughts?

  • Ever wanted to be in the X Games? Click here to find out.

    So I think I have mentioned that I have a very strange but cool family. I have relatives in show business, actors and actresses, a game show host cousin, as well as my older brother who was in The Godfather. In the new generation of my family, I have an emerging cousin who is only 12 years old who is the closest thing to a professional athlete. His name is Alex. He was featured on the FUSE network show "Camp Woodward". He is quickly carving out his name and doing great things. He will compete one of these days in the Summer X Games. In the meantime, check out this video from this years X Games that I just saw. He is amazing.

  • Something I laughed at when I first came to Wichita, now I am hoping for...

    When I first moved here to Wichita, I laughed because all I heard was the west side/east side thing. You live all the way over there and drive here. I laughed because, being from a big city, a 15 minute drive on Kellogg or 235 to get to either side was nothing. I currently live on the west side, but find myself going to the east side a lot. I heard a while ago, that a popular restaurant/bar that I have gone to several times is planning on opening a location on the west side. I find myself excited knowing that since I won't have to drive all the way to the east side to go.. haha! are you the same way?

  • All Star or Fan Favorite???

    It's always interesting when the time of year comes around for the All Star game in the sport that you are a fan of. All Star balloting is at times more about popularity than if they really do belong at the all star game. No matter, I find myself always watching the game. And props to the MLB for making the All Star game mean something with the winning team giving their respective league home field advantage in the World Series. I will be watching, will you? Do you vote for your favorite players for the annual all star game?

  • Going, Going, GONE! I don't really care anymore! Do You?

    The 2012 Home Run Derby is tonight with it being All Star time. The annual home run derby is to me, not really that big of a deal anymore. I say that, because the balls are thrown at a nothing speed and I don't find it enjoyable. Sure it's fun for the fans to keep all the balls, and to see the power of these athletes, but I just don't find it appealing anymore. What do you think?

  • In the NBA, Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are going where???? WOW!

    The off season in pro sports are always fun to find out and see what trades, or restricted or unrestricted free agents sign and go play for other teams. A huge off season in the NHL with two players both signing to play for the same team for $100 million each just happened. I would tell you the names of the players, but I don't follow the NHL enough to remember. lol.

  • Spoiler Alert! You know you want to click and find out.

    The new Spiderman movie is now in theaters. The Amazing Spiderman is the name of the movie. It's a reboot of the series formerly starring Tobey McGuire. The new one stars Andrew Garfield. Also in the movie is Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field. I actually liked this movie and the storyline compared to the original. A better explanation of how Peter Parker gets his powers and he is more likeable. I was very into Emma Stone's character, aside from the fact that she is totally hot as a blonde. haha Ok, really, I won't spoil the movie plot line for you. But you do have to go see it. And make sure you stay after the credits start, since there is a bonus scene which serves as a cliffhanger. If you saw the movie, what did you think?

  • The SHOCK of the decade is out! Are you surprised?

    So have you heard? Anderson Cooper, the journalist from CNN has publicly come out and said he was gay. My response to that is, so what. It's actually funny. Everybody thought or knew he was gay, however Anderson never publicly admitted. I have been a fan of Anderson Cooper for many years. I first saw him as a broadcaster as the overnight newsman on ABC news between 2a - 5a. From there he was the host of the short lived ABC tv show "The Mole". He has risen to where he is today, a prominent and well respected journalist on CNN. He will soon be host of his own talk show coming up in the fall. He is a member of the Vanderbilt family. Yes, that Vanderbilt family. Does it matter that he is gay. Absolutely not. He is great at what he does. Your thoughts on Anderson?

  • I knew this was going to happen....

    So the movie TED came out in theaters. I knew I was going to think it was funny. The movie is about a teddy bear that comes to life after a boy wishes his teddy bear could talk. They grow up together and the movie is about John, his girlfriend, and TED all together and the antics that happen. I laughed a lot during the movie. The movie was created by Seth McFarlane, the man behind Family Guy and other popular shows. The movie also stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis and the funny part of the movie is also starring Sam Jones, who played Flash Gordon, a movie from the 80's that is prominantly featured in the movie. The movie debuted at #1 at the box office this past weekend. It's Rated R, but if you want to laugh, I suggest you see it.

  • Happy 40th! I bet you had one.

    Yesterday was the 40th birthday of the Atari gaming system. I had one when I was a kid. I actually had Pong before the Atari. I loved my Atari. My brothers and I played for hours and hours much to the dismay of my parents. Technology back then was amazing but obviously compared to todays gaming systems, it's laughable. I remember the basketball game was a one on one game with each player being a stick figure bouncing a sqaure shaped basketball. I remember the game Combat where you were a tank fighting another tank. I remember the football game where it was three on three and very basic. The other game I remember most was the game Maze Craze. You were a spider in a maze and had to find the end in the quickest time. We all thought it was truly amazing when Pac Man came to Atari. It was the coolest thing. haha I loved my atari. Did you have an Atari? What games did you have?

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