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  • It's FINALLY here...Will you be watching?

    Tonight is the premiere of the new TV show starring Charlie Sheen called Anger Management on the FX network. They have been hyping and promoting this show for about 6 months now. From the fallout of him leaving Two and a Half Men on CBS for his wackiness to the public feud he had with the producer of the show, I am very interested in tonights debut of the new show. The promo's of the show have been funny and I hope the show itself is just as good. I will be watching, will you? Are you a Charlie Sheen fan? let me know.

  • It's ABOUT TIME... Now we will have a true champion!

    Finally, college football will have a playoff system. Starting in 2014-15, there will be a playoff system with 4 teams after the bowl games to determine the true champion each season. This has been a debate for a long time and I am a supporter of this decision. The top six bowl games will rotate each year with the winners of four of the games doing a playoff system of a semifinal and then the final championship game. This should quiet the critics ever since the BCS point system was introduced to determine the best team. I can't wait until this finally happens. What do you think?

  • Is breakfast really the best meal of the day?

    So this morning, I had a business breakfast. Man, I love a good ole omelette and toast and a big glass of orange juice. Here's the thing though, I never eat breakfast. I do drink coffee in the morning, and wait to eat at lunch and then have a dinner. I don't necessarily eat healthy. I don't cook often and mostly order out or get something that I can zap in a microwave. Everybody says and there have been studies and articles that say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I wish I ate breakfast more. What meal do you never miss? let me know at

  • 100 degree weather, that's more like it...

    So it's hit the 100 degree mark in Wichita. I LIKE IT! I am from the south, growing up and calling Houston, TX my home. I always liked warm weather. I actually get cold at 60 degrees. So now that it's summer in Kansas, I actually am happy about the weather. I played golf both Saturday and yesterday this past weekend. I look forward to many more 100 degree plus days. Now if we can only have a beach and surf to make it feel even more like home for me. haha.

  • Can we all move on to better things now?

    I am happy for the Miami Heat. I am happy for Lebron James. The Heat wins and Lebron gets his first championship. Yes, I think he made the right decision in leaving the Cleveland Cavs. Maybe it's just me in that I haven't lived in an NBA city in over 10 years, so pro basketball isn't a big deal to me these days. I do love college basketball though. Now that the season is over, can we all move on to better things now. what sport do you like watching the most?

  • Is reality real anymore?

    Within the last week, we learned that a show on HGTV about people finding a new home in a new city is staged. The show is called House Hunters. I found myself watching the show being fascinated about the process. Revelations came out from a former participant of the show that most of it is staged. Things brings me to reality TV in general. From Big Brother, Survivor, The Kardashians to Jersey Shore. Most of these shows are pushed by producers to cause friction and controversy because that's what helps the show. So is reality TV really reality? Thankfully I don't watch too much reality TV shows to care? haha. What do you think about reality TV?

  • Is it true that you get better with age?

    Last night, seeing the Midwest Rock and Roll Express Tour at Hartman, the thought came across my mind. Do you get better at your craft with age. The bands REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Ted Nugent have combined over 100 years of existance. The concert was amazing. The live show was great and the vibe in Hartman was electrifying. I love seeing bands play live in concert that sound exactly like they do when you hear it on their CD or on the radio. I was blown away by the show and truly enjoyed it. Did you go? What did you think of each band's set? Let me know at

  • Taxpayer money flushed down the toilet over a baseball player????

    So yesterday, Roger Clemens was found NOT GUILTY on all counts for his perjury case. The US government spent millions of dollars trying to prove he lied. REALLY? Is that how our government spends our tax dollars?

  • Part 2... I guess not. I'm not surprised!

    So this past weekend, two new movies came out. The hugely hyped and promoted "Rock of Ages" movie starring Tom Cruise and also the new Adam Sandler movie "That's My Boy". Both movies struggled at the box office. I went Saturday to see the Adam Sandler movie. It's Rated R and very raunchy and over the top. I personally liked it and laughed for two hours straight. I have no plans to see the Rock of Ages movie.

  • Do you think Tom Cruise could be a ROCK STAR????

    The highly anticipated new movie Rock of Ages is out this weekend. It stars none other than Tom Cruise. It's a rock musical movie. That right there makes me not want to see it. haha. Let me say, I am a fan of Tom Cruise. I have been a fan of the Mission Impossible franchise, and liked his movies Risky Business, All The Right Moves, Top Gun and others. I just can't see him as an 80's rock star and again, this is a movie musical. The movie also stars Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti, Julianna Hough, and Catherine Zeta Jones. I wonder how this movie will do at the box office? If you go see it, email me at and let me know what you thought.

  • are YOU talented enough to do this.....

    So last night, I went and had Japanese teppanyaki for dinner. I have experienced this 100's of times throughout my life and it never gets old. It's an art form to be able to cook infront of people. The tricks that those chefs do with the knife and spatula, the fire lighting of the food the special way that they do it, and I am and will always be a fan of the volcano and choo choo train of the layered onion. Am I easily amused? Probably, but it takes talent to do what they do. I like to sit back, drink my hot saki, and enjoy the entertainment that is teppanyaki cooking at a Japanese restaurant.

  • The most famous Goodfella has died! RIP Henry Hill.

    Were you a fan of the movie Goodfellas? The character played by Ray Liotta, was Henry Hill. He was a mob informant who wrote the book 'Wiseguy' that Martin Scorsese turned into the movie. Henry Hill has died.

  • Do you remember THIS year's summer movies?

    I was surfing the web and came across a story that made me go "WOW" realizing it has been that long since these movies were in movie theaters. The summertime is to many people, the best time of the year when a bunch of big movies are released in movie theaters. Click here to read to check out the movies that came out 30 years ago that to this day are classic movies that you must see. Hard to believe it's been 30 years. What was your favorite movie from that summer? email me at

  • Manny Pacquiao got screwed!!

    Did any of you watch the fight over the weekend. Tim Bradley wins in a split decision. But for those of us who watched the fight, we are left baffled. The main question for me is, who were the judges and what fight were they watching? I don't watch much boxing these days, but I did find interest in checking this one out. My personal feeling, is Manny got screwed. Pacquiao vs. Bradley II will be hyped big time and the interest will be high. This is actually good for the sport of boxing. What did you think of the fight and the outcome?

  • The Justice League would be a great movie...

    So if you are like millions of others, you recently saw the movie The Avengers. That movie features Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and others. The movie has made over a billion dollars at the box office. Now, the company behind the Superfriends, DC Comics, says they will be making a movie that will feature Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Aqua Man, Green Lantern and others. I would totally geek out and love to see that. I love the cartoon when I was a kid and am intrigued to see how it would translate to the big screen. I don't know when the movie will be made and when the movie would be released, but when it does, I will definately be seeing it. What about you?

  • Cool Ranch is coming...Are you excited?

    Disclaimer: I am in no way being compensated financially or with free food for my below comments.

  • So, did you see it?.....

    Were you able to see the Venus eclipse yesterday. If you didn't, then you won't ever get to since the next time it will happen will be in the year 21??. I didn't actually look up at the sun, since that isn't good for your eyes. I instead decided to just watch the news and see it that way. I am a total sci fi geek and was interested in the event, but I didn't go all crazy trying to see it with my own eyes. If you were able to see it, what did you think? let me know...

  • How many of you are guilty of this....

    Over the weekend, I took my dog SJ to the dog park. It had rained bigtime Saturday night, so when I took him to the dog park at the KS Humane Society on Sunday, needless to say, the grass was wet and mud was everywhere. There were 4 other dogs there at the time and SJ had a ball running around and playing rough with the other dogs. Before leaving the park, i wiped him down a bit so as to not totally mess up the back of my new SUV. On the way home, I was dreading putting him in my bathtub with him being so muddy because I knew it would mess up the drainage and make the area a mess. I was driving past a 'do it yourself' car wash. I stopped in, took my dog out and tied him to a stump, inserted 6 quarters and sprayed him with the power washer for the 3 minutes or so that I had of time. It was funny and cruel to a point, but it did the job, and he was clean and refreshed. haha.

  • Survey says...........

    Over the weekend, we heard news of the passing of Richard Dawson. I was a big fan of the game show Family Feud. I used to watch it religously as a kid and would play along with every question and looked forward to fast money round at the end. I remember him in Hogan's Heroes and also on The Match Game, but he will always be remembered as the flirt host of Family Feud.


    Being reminded too often lately how fragile and precious life truly is:

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