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  • Ready for Wingnuts baseball....

    Right when I moved here to Wichita, I got here a week before I started the new job here at The Fox. So during the week of being here, I took care of all of the things you need to do when you move. Went to a bank, an insurance agent, got a new drivers license and car tags and the other things. So at night I had some free time, so I went to the Wichita Wingnuts. It was at the end of last season, and the Wingnuts were in the playoffs. I think I went to 3-4 games. I thought the stadium was great with the Wichita downtown skyline past center field. I am looking forward to going to many Wingnuts games during the Wichita summer.

  • Crazy that the TV show aired, and I didn't know about it...

    I got an email from my mom the other day mentioning that the episode of the CBS TV show 48 Hours aired. I knew that the show was doing an episode around the story, but didn't know it was done and finally aired. See, several years ago, there was an event in my extended family that changed us forever. I won't get into any details out of respect for my family, but I watched the link my mother sent of the show in it's entirety from the website. It was really strange watching it, since I am related to the people affected. This story was all over the local news in NYC and even made the national news programs. I will always love and support my family.

  • Ok, I admit it, Howard Stern on AGT wasn't bad.

    It's Monday night and so I was sitting on the couch with SJ watching TV. I am a channel flipper. I flip between WWE, Two and a Half Men, and football usually. No football right now, but I was flipping and came to the show America's Got Talent. The King of All Media Howard Stern is now a judge on the show and I found myself watching the show. Howard Stern has made the show really good. He is funny, honest and brings a whole new dimension to the show. Why am I admitting to this, who knows... haha! Ok, so I am a fan of Howard Stern. Did you watch it and what did you think? Comment and let me know.

  • Two weeks in a row, it's sold out?

    For the second weekend in a row, I tried to go see the movie The Avengers. I even thought I did the smart thing and wait to see it until Sunday afternoon thinking that I would avoid all the crowds. But no, I went yesterday to see the 3:30 showing and alas it was SOLD OUT! I asked when the next screening was that there were tickets available and the girl in the ticket booth said the 10p showing. UGH! Guess I will have to wait again til this upcoming weekend. Hopefully, by then, there will be a decent hour showing that is not sold out and I can finally see The Avengers. Other movies on my list is Battleship and Men In Black III.

  • What should I do in Kansas City?

    Thinking of going to KC for a day trip on Sunday this weekend. I have only driven through the city, never stopping. Where and what should I do in KC? What are the must see's? I have heard some nice things about the city, but I don't know anything. Hit me up and let me know so I can work it in when I visit.

  • I am such a momma's boy!

    My mom has been out of the country for over two weeks now. She returns home to Texas this upcoming weekend. I am pretty close to my mom. I am really not a momma's boy, just that my mom and I have become close over the last 10 or so years. I am just as close to my 92 year old grandmother. I talk to them 2-3 times a week on the phone. So with my mom out of the country and not being able to chat on the phone, it's been weird. She travels a lot, so this isn't new. I look forward to chatting with her this weekend when she returns.

  • My fantasy team is bad ALREADY??????

    Not a surprise, but my fantasy baseball team isn't doing so well. haha! shocker. Not that it matters really, but I wasn't a part of the draft so it was a crap shoot on who was going to be on my team. So I don't exactly have the best players. Now with the season a month in, I am in 2nd to last place. haha! I hope to improve sure, but I don't see it happening. Hopefully, as is usually the case, players are in peaks an valleys and will get out of the slump they are in and start producing. Regardless, I still love playing each year because it's more about the comradre with the other managers than anything..

  • I've never seen DLR!

    I am excited with the recent announcement of Van Halen coming to Wichita on Sept 17th at Intrust Bank Arena. I have only seen Van Halen live in concert once and that was about about 2003 when I saw them in Biloxi, MS. The line up then was Sammy, Eddie, Alex and Michael. So this will be my first time to see Van Halen with David Lee Roth. Dissappointed that Michael Anthony isn't a part of the line up, but I have heard positive things about Wolfgang. Tickets go on sale this weekend. September 17th can't come soon enough.

  • Who knew the Sedgwick County Zoo was that good?

    So I went to the Sedgwick County Zoo yesterday for a company function. I had never been. And I was very impressed. It was great to walk around and see all the different animals that the zoo has. Who knew that Wichita, KS was home to so many beautiful animals. I was very impressed and mad at myself that I hadn't visited the zoo yet. If you haven't either, you are missing out. Check them out at Here is a pic I took of one of the animals.

  • A great movie month...

    Two big movies come out this month that I have been looking forward to seeing. The first one opens this weekend. The Avengers. I saw all the single movies of each of the characters, so I am anxious to see the movie and how they all come together. Will see it sometime this weekend. The other movie out this month is MI3. Men In Black 3. Was a fan of the first movie, the second one wasn't as good as the first but I do like the story so I am curious to see the new one. What movies are you excited to see? Let me know.

  • Double the money Thursdays!

    The Fox Workforce Payroll has started and its been great so far. I love when after you call out the hour's person's name and they call back, they are so excited. Today is THURSDAY, meaning the winnings go up to $100 an hour to be on the payroll.It's nice to make someone's day and the response has been overwhelming. It's not to late for you to get signed up to play if you havent already... You are already on my blog page, so it's easy to just go the workforce page and get signed up to play. Hopefully I call your name out for you to have a chance to win.

  • I am such a movie geek....

    Last night, I sat on my couch, my dog SJ jumped up and I turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels and I came across the movie Avatar on FX. I was such a fan of that movie when it came out in the theater. To me, this movie will become one of those movies that no matter what I am watching, if I flip around channels and come across it, I will stop watching what I originally was and keep it on Avatar. Other movies that have that same effect on me are Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze, Animal House, The Godfather and The Godfather II and more recently the movie 2012 which has been on like 25 times in the last two months and I have watched it EVERY time... Why are there movies like that, that have that effect on us. What are the movies that you always find yourself watching when they come on the tv? tell me.

  • Prime time TV in Kansas...

    This is my first 'tornado season' living in Kansas. I made an observation on my facebook page that I have come to a conclusion and I would imagine it's only just begun. Primetime TV at night at least 2-3 times a week will be interrupted by the local cut ins from the weather departments. I am not complaining. Being this is my first season living here, I do want to know what's going on and if me and SJ need to take cover or whatever. I just find it funny that there is a chance that many of the shows that I watch, I will miss out on some of the show because of the cut ins. I wonder if the tv stations replay the shows in the overnight or whatever in its entirety without cut ins. Do they? Let me know.

  • Can I bowl or what?

    Well, actually, I am not that bad of a bowler. I only bowl 2-3 times a year, but I am actually a decent bowler. If I were to play more and more frequently, I truly think I could be in the 200's. Yesterday, I was on the Fox team for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters bowling event at Northrock Bowling. Phil Thompson was on the team and wow, can he bowl. First off, anyone who has their own personal bowling ball, you know they are into the game. Phil was very good. Our two teammates were a lot of fun and we enjoyed the day with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.

  • Tom Petty definately delivered!

    A sold out Intrust Bank Arena. A rowdy crowd. And Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with an amazing set. What a GREAT night. This was my first time seeing Tom Petty in concert. It truly is amazing hearing so many hit songs. A career such as his with longevity and the brilliance of his work, you almost didn't want the concert to end. I was also happy to see Wichita support the show as well as they did and hopefully it will influence more amazing rock shows at Intrust Bank Arena.

  • Tom Petty and Football!!!

    Two things are happening tonight that peak my interest. Tom Petty in concert at Intrust Bank Arena. If you are going, stop by the Party on the Plaza with the Fox starting around 5p. And also tonight, is the NFL draft. We already know where Andrew Luck is going, but I am curious on some of the other top players. Looking forward to watching Sportscenter and reading on line the results of the draft.

  • Where should I play golf?

    Today's high is going to be in the low 90's. So I think my mind has officially started to think about playing golf. I only played once so far living in Wichita and that was at Auburn Hills. Where else should I venture out and play? I don't mind driving to play either. I would prefer not to drive more than an hour. So any suggestions of what golf course I should play, please hit me up.

  • Congrats to the Wichita Thunder!!

    The Wichita Thunder hockey team is going to the CHL Finals. That's great news. Growing up in Houston, TX, I wasn't really a huge hockey fan since I wasn't exposed too much to it. In my mid 20's, Houston got an IHL team named the Houston Aeros. That's when I started to get into the sport and watch it. I was fortunate to be working in radio at the time and went to many of the games and got to know many of the players. The main year that I did things with and for the team, they made it to the Finals in the IHL and eventually won. It was a lot of fun to watch and be a part of it. I hope Wichita experiences it as well and brings home the CHL trophy! Go Thunder.

  • I am not a fan of the unexpected.....

    Why is it when you don't expect something, it happens? My example, and this is what drives me crazy, is when you plan on sleeping in, and then your phone rings at 5a and then you are up. This is happening more often lately for me and I am not a fan of getting up so early, especially when you don't plan for it. I am not a morning person anyway, so that just amplifies my negative feelings towards being woken up and then staying up. It affects the rest of the day and then you hope to gain that back the next night.

  • I feel guilty. It's dog park time!

    It's been almost a month now that I have not taken my dog SJ to the dog park on the weekend. The weather just hasn't cooperated with us each weekend and obviously with last weekends tornados and all my dog has just been cramped up in the house with no interaction with other dogs in about a month. This weekends weather forecast looks really good, so I am looking forward to bringing him to the dog park. I usually take him to the new dog park at the Kansas Humane Society right off 235 and Hillside. If you go to that park as well, say hi. SJ is a black lab mix and he loves to play rough with the other dogs. If you don't have a dog, at least get out and do something...ENJOY your weekend!

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