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  • How IRONIC???

    Kansas vs. Kentucky tonight for the championship in Men's College Basketball. Before I lived here in Wichita, I lived in Lexington, Kentucky, which is the home of the the University of Kentucky. So it's ironic that the two teams left are from my former state of residence to my current one. I have many friends that are die hard Kentucky fans, so there has been a lot of back and forth trash talk leading up to tonights game. I will either have fun messing with them after Kansas wins, or I will be harassed for many more days from my friends in Kentucky if UK wins. I still think it's ironic. ROCK CHALK or C-A-T-S...Cats Cats Cats... haha. hmmmm.

  • TONIGHT, I become a Millionaire!!!

    Isn't that what you are supposed to say? Isn't that the intention of daydreaming about you winning the lottery. The Mega Millions is up to around $540 million dollars with tonight's drawing. If you choose the one lump sum, the payout is close to $390 million. WOW! Everybody always asks the question, "What would you do if you won?" I would actually be smart about it and just take care of the essentials first, like paying off all of the bills not just for me, but my entire family. New cars and things like that. Then set up a trust and do good with a lot of it. The odds of winning are around 1 in 170 million. Yep, I think I will win. haha.

  • Restuarant Impossible...i love that show

    Have you ever seen the show? It's on The Food Network hosted by Chef Robert Irvine. The guy is huge, and very intimidating. The premise of the show is he goes to a restuarant that is in dire need of help. He and his team have 2 days and just $10,000 to redesign the decor and also change up the menu and ways of doing things. It's amazing when watching the show to see the transformation of not only the establishment itself but the change in demeanor and style of the owners of the place. I am addicted to that show... haha

  • Do you play fantasy baseball?

    So my league had our draft this past weekend. Unfortunately, something came up last minute, and I was not able to be in the draft so the computer auto drafted for me. I hate that! haha. My team is average at best. We have 14 teams in my league, so it's slim pickings of the players that were not drafted to add to a team. The league costs me $60 a year and I have been in the league about 10 years now. I have never placed in the top 3 to recoup any of the money either...So that means I have spent $600 to play fantasy sports.. The season starts soon. Smart investment? I think not... lol

  • The road to Wrestlemania...

    First off, right off the bat, I know wrestling is 'fake'. It's not fake per say, it's scripted. But beyond that, I have been a fan of pro wrestling since I was a kid and I can't seem to get out of that stage. haha. The biggest PPV is happening this weekend, and I am actually looking forward to it. Huge names and matches are scheduled, and I am like a little kid in a candy store and can't wait to watch the PPV this weekend. Look, it's a male soap opera. There are storylines, and drama and suspense and I guess that's why I still enjoy it. Will I ever move on and not watch it anymore, probably, but not anytime soon. haha.

  • Who do YOU share a birthday with???

    It's always interesting to find out who your friends and family share a birthday with. Today, March 26th is my birthday... I share a birthday with Actor Leonard Nimoy, Actor Alan Arkin, Actor James Caan, Singer Diana Ross, Singer Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Actor Ernest Thomas (“Everybody Hates Chris’’), Actor Martin Short is 62, Actress Jennifer Grey, Actor Michael Imperioli, Country singer Kenny Chesney, Rapper Juvenile, Actress Amy Smart, Actress Keira Knightley and Rapper J-Kwon.

  • Late night movie premieres

    I was driving home yesterday and notices a line of people at the movie theater.. This was around 7p. Why is it that people wait in line for hours, sometimes days to see the late night premiere of a movie at midnight on the day of it's release... I never understood the reasoning behind the people that do that. I find it funny. The movie they are going to see obviously is going to be a huge draw. The movie will be shown 5-10 times a day for weeks and probably will stay in the theater for several months..You can see it when there may be less people in the theater with less distractions so you can hear every line and not feel you missed something. I prefer seeing a movie with less people and I can relax and sit however I need to, to be comfortable. Makes me laugh.

  • Suicide sucks!

    I found out yesterday that a friend from high school took her own life the day prior. She had a successful business, recently found love and got married for the first time at 40 and seemed to have everything going for her. This also happened to a cousin of mine about 6 months ago where she did the same thing. Even though you don't know why they decided to end their life, you can't feel the pain they must have felt inside them for them to think about suicide. I hope both my friend and my cousin are at peace now.

  • Sucks for Tim Tebow....

    So we found out that Peyton Manning is going to be a Denver Bronco. Happy for him and hope he does well. I am a Peyton fan. I am also a Tim Tebow fan. I was a fan of Tim when he was in college at Florida. Whether or not I agreed with his bringing religion into football, the fact that he was positive in everything he did and a great role model was more important to me. I hope he lands somewhere and continues to grow. He may not be a pro football caliber quarterback just yet in the minds of many, but I think can get there.

  • So how are YOU doing in your brackets so far?

    With the first week of games over, I am actually not doing so bad. I have 10 of the 16 teams left still playing in my brackets. Thats actually not that bad. As far as the state of Kansas is concerned, I had Wichita State going further, but that didn't happen. And I have Kansas in my brackets and they pulled out a crazy victory last night to keep going. I love the month of March and college basketball. If you are playing along, hopefully you are doing well with your bracket.

  • Let the games begin!!!

    One day into it and I am loving it. College basketball is great this time of year with all the action going on with the big tournament. Already a disappointment with Wichita State getting beat in the first round. A few upsets and obviously some games that were predictable. The energy and excitement and the level and quality of play from the teams is what March is all about. My team, TEXAS, plays today. Hopefully they will get a W.

  • Finally, there is a movie I want to see....

    Is it just me, or is the quality of movies that are out in theaters just not that appealing lately. The last movie I went to see was Moneyball about 2 months ago. Before that it was Mission Impossible. So I have seen 2 movies at a movie theater in 6 months. That's not normal for me as I usually enjoy going and checking out a movie on the weekend. So, finally, this weekend the movie 21 Jump Street is coming out. The trailor looks cheesy and I am really not a huge fan of the stars of the movie, Jonah Hill and I don't know much about Channing Tatum. Ice Cube also stars in the movie. The reason I am going is because I was a fan of the TV show 21 Jump Street back in the early 90's starring Johnny Depp. As a matter of fact, Johnny Depp is in this movie adaptation. I am not sure how much screen time he will have. For me, going to the movie is more curiousity than anything just to see how they do this movie and comparing it to the tv show. We shall see.

  • I love the Madness!

    I LOVE MARCH!!! The games haven't even started, well, unless you count the play in games from last night, and I am 2-0. I picked the right teams to win last nights play in games. I filled out my brackets yesterday and playing along. No office pool or friends doing it this year..Just me. But I am still going to have fun watching the games and following along on my brackets to see how well I will end up doing. Here's a dilemha. Not really, but this will be fun if this happens. I have in my bracket Wichita State taking on Kentucky. I moved to Wichita from Lexington, KY so if the game actually does happen, I will have some fun with friends about the game. The month of March is a blast for me..

  • Daylight Savings is kicking my butt!

    Normally the time change doesnt affect me. But this time around it is. And I think I know why...Well I don't think, I know. For some reason my iPhone is not functioning properly. The time change was good on my phone...except the alarm. I have my alarm set for 6a to wake up each morning on weekdays. Yesterday and this morning, with my alarm set for 6a, it's gone off at 5a. WHY????? Looks like a trip to the AT&T store today to get this problem resolved.

  • The college B-Ball brackets are set!!!

    Congrats to Wichita State, Kansas, and Kansas State!! All being invited to participate in this years Big college bracket tournament. My team also made it.....barely. Texas was a bubble team that got the 11 seed and will face Cincinnati in the first round. The Big 12 has a nice showing in the tournament this year, so I am happy. I was also very happy to see Kentucky lose to Vanderbilt in the SEC Championship game. haha. They still recieved the overall #1 seed but I have my fingers crossed that they won't win it all this year. :)

  • Washington is coming to Kansas!!!

    With the Republican battle to see who gets the nomination heating up, they are finally heading to Kansas. This years Presidential election is going to be very interesting. I am not here to talk about which Party you are affiliated with, nor am I going to bring up anything about our current Commander In Chief. I just think this election, in my opinion, will one of the most heated, debated, and emotionally charged elections in decades. I will say this, don't complain or argue anything that is negative unless you do use your right as an American to vote. That is an awesome priviledge that we have here in America.

  • Solar flares, sleet storms.....Those Mayans, should I be worried???

    Today, the media is reporting that the biggest solar flares in 5 years has happened and we would possibly see effects today. I woke up this morning to sleet and snow. It's 2012, and yes, I am starting to wonder if the end is near. December 21st is the date. It's now March. UGH! haha.

  • Do you like the Jessica Simpson pregnant pic that's surfaced????

    So with the recent Jessica Simpson pregnant pic surfacing, I thought I would find and upload the pic I have with her. I met her about 5 years ago in Dallas at a radio industry gathering. She was actually really cool, very attractive in person, and much brighter than the media has portrayed her to be. We chatted for about 30 minutes and she seemed genuinely interested in the conversation. Ok, have I lost my 'man card'? HAHA

  • To goatee or Not to goatee? That is the question...

    I go through phases with facial hair. Luckily, I have a job that doesnt require or enforce a policy on facial hair. So my whole adult life, I change up my appearance all the time. I have never just had a mustache. I have grown a beard a few times in my life. However, I actually have grown to like a goatee. Sometime I keep it trimmed, sometimes I let it grow out for a month to get bushy. Over the last few years, I have started to get gray in my goatee and so I tend to keep it trimmed. Last night, after quite a long time, I had a complete shave and it's rather strange. I have a total babyface and look weird. Looks like I will be growing another goatee. haha

  • Dog park etiquette!

    So as you know, I bring my dog SJ to the dog park almost every weekend to let him run around and play with the other dogs. He looks forward to it and knows when I load him up in my car that is where we are going. I don't understand some dog owners who bring their dogs that don't play well with others or are too aggressive. It bothers me that they don't try to help their dog with these behavior problems and then it really bothers me that the same ones keep bringing their dogs to the park. I have caught myself a few times from opening my mouth to say something knowing that it would come across as bad.

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