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  • Toothpaste...not just for teeth???

    Ok, we all know the importance of brushing your teeth with toothpaste to help prevent cavities and other problems associated with bad teeth. BUT, did you know toothpaste is a great product for other uses. Apparently, its a great household item that can be used to clean everything from carpets to CD's to even using it as a detergent to help rid your clothes of stains.

  • VIDEO: World Record broken

    Most of us has been to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Whether you were a young kid, or a parent taking their kids to see them, its always a good and magical time. The players are incredible athletes who can do amazing dribbling, passing and shooting exhibitions. They also have fun messing with the other players, the refs, and even the audience when they throw a bucket of 'water'. Back to the players being amazing basketball players, yesterday was Guinness World Record Day. A rookie member of the Harlem Globetrotters attempted to break a record.

  • Stevie Nicks....Actress????

    Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks is already idolized by a character on the TV show American Horror Story. Now, she'll appear in an upcoming episode.

  • What's the meaning of Veterans Day....

    November 11th is a day that we honor those who have served and those who are currently serving in our nations military. I have many family members that served and are currently and many friends as well. THANK YOU for your service and I truly appreciate your sacrifice of being away from family and friends when serving.

  • The release date has been announced....

    The inner sci-fi geek in me is giddy. I am a huge fan of anything space related and aliens. I was a big fan of the tv miniseries V, the most recent V, all four Star Trek tv series and their respective movies and the recent reboots and who wasn't a fan of STAR WARS... And now, they've announced the date of release for the next and latest installment of the Star Wars movies.

  • No Shave November...can you guess the 'stache???

    I am participating in the #NoShaveNovember movement... are you??

  • Could this be the end of the '8th Wonder of the World'?????

    At one time back in the 70's, the Houston Astrodome was a monster indoor facility used by the Houston Oilers and Houston Astros. Back then, there were no other domed stadiums. It was often referred to as the '8th Wonder of the World'. Now, in today's world, its a relic and forgotten structure next to the now current Reliant Stadium in Houston. Today is voting day, and the city of Houston is voting whether to have it demolished. I had MANY memories inside the Astrodome and would hate to see it go.

  • Come On Down... You're the next contestant....

    So last night, The Price Is Right Live was at Hartman Arena. I grew up watching the show and know all the games that are played. Whats fun about the traveling show, is one of the hosts is my cousin Mark. L Walberg. When I found out he was the host for the Wichita show, I immediately reached out to him. He is most known for being the host of the PBS hit, Antiques Roadshow. So obviously, I went to see the show and hang with 'family'. I was not able to be an eligible contestant for obvious reasons, but I sat in the audience and smiled and laughed watching. It was a lot of fun to see the games being played in person.

  • it's a FALL BACK weekend...

    that's right, its Daylight Saving time. This time around, we turn our clocks back an hour and we get one extra hour of sleep for many of us. I am good with that, but the one thing I don't like about this particular one is it gets darker earlier... So literally by 5:30 in the afternoon its already dark outside.

  • What NOT to give to the kids for Halloween!!!

    Wonder what candy you should NOT give to the kids for them to be happy at the door, check out this article to be in the know...

  • Last minute costume ideas for Halloween 2013

    Halloween is a few days away. Are you like me and wait til the last second to do anything. Still no costume?

  • A Costume Idea for Halloween???

    It happens every year. What am I going to dress up as for Halloween? This year, it seems to be more difficult to come up with an idea. Check out this video of a costume that would be perfect for your younger kid or grandkid. It involves a lot of lights and its VERY cool.

  • The original KISS will not be inducted!

    Gene Simmons of KISS has spoken about the recent announcement that KISS has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gene has said that Ace and Peter will NOT be a part of it if KISS is chosen!

  • WOW! How cool is that...

    When I fly, I usually pic the window seat, because I still enjoy looking out the window to see the earth from the sky. Looking out and down and seeing cities, and just taking in the view. What if you were flying and saw this? Check out this story about a portrait.

  • Introducing President Schwarzenegger????????

    The Terminator is at it again. He wants to be President of the United States. Only one problem. He is NOT a natural born citizen. The office is only allowed for Americans that were born in the US. Arnold was born in Austria. Can he get the Constitution changed???

  • A WAKE UP CALL from Jan and Phil.... ugh!

    There is nothing more I hate than a wake up call when I'M NOT EXPECTING ONE... This morning, my phone rings at 6:45. On the other end, its Jan and Phil trash talking me that the KC Chiefs who are undefeated and 6-0 will beat the Houston Texans this weekend. I am a die hard Texans fan. I had high hopes for the team this year as did the entire city and fan base. So far, its been disastrous. My only defense really is ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. Anything can happen and I am certainly hoping that is the case this weekend. The game is in KC at Arrowhead. I am still thinking of going to the game to see it in person. Apparently, if the Texans lose, I have to wear KC Chiefs attire and walk on Kellogg somewhere for people to see. That is NOT something I want to do.

  • Can you live frugally???

    With the furlough going on with the government shutdown, there are a lot of articles about people who live simple and don't spend a lot of money for day to day things. I find it very interesting, because in a way, I am frugle. I tend to always be cash poor. If I don't have cash in my wallet, I don't spend money. I am not the kind of person to just use my debit card everywhere and anywhere. Could I do what the people in the story are doing? Probably not. I would need more than just a room or a makeshift place to live.

  • Will IRON MAN become a reality....

    I love how Hollywood can inspire real life. We see it now in cell phones, tablets and skype and many others that were inspired from Star Trek back in the 70's. Now comes word that the US Army is trying to create a real life IRON MAN. I wonder what our life will be like in 10, 20, and even 50 years from now.

  • There is ONE tv family I wish that just went away....

    I have never watched an episode of the tv show. I never will. I don't understand to this day how they are popular and people actually watch this show. And now news of the seperation between Bruce and Kris is in the news and will be the topic of the upcoming season. WHY is this even television. haha

  • The ROCKY question has finally been answered...

    One of my favorite scenes in ANY movie is the workout scene in the Rocky movies. The scene in Rocky II where he runs all throughout Philadelphia, someone wanted to figure out just how far did Rocky run. Now we know.

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