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  • Introducing President Schwarzenegger????????

    The Terminator is at it again. He wants to be President of the United States. Only one problem. He is NOT a natural born citizen. The office is only allowed for Americans that were born in the US. Arnold was born in Austria. Can he get the Constitution changed???

  • A WAKE UP CALL from Jan and Phil.... ugh!

    There is nothing more I hate than a wake up call when I'M NOT EXPECTING ONE... This morning, my phone rings at 6:45. On the other end, its Jan and Phil trash talking me that the KC Chiefs who are undefeated and 6-0 will beat the Houston Texans this weekend. I am a die hard Texans fan. I had high hopes for the team this year as did the entire city and fan base. So far, its been disastrous. My only defense really is ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. Anything can happen and I am certainly hoping that is the case this weekend. The game is in KC at Arrowhead. I am still thinking of going to the game to see it in person. Apparently, if the Texans lose, I have to wear KC Chiefs attire and walk on Kellogg somewhere for people to see. That is NOT something I want to do.

  • Can you live frugally???

    With the furlough going on with the government shutdown, there are a lot of articles about people who live simple and don't spend a lot of money for day to day things. I find it very interesting, because in a way, I am frugle. I tend to always be cash poor. If I don't have cash in my wallet, I don't spend money. I am not the kind of person to just use my debit card everywhere and anywhere. Could I do what the people in the story are doing? Probably not. I would need more than just a room or a makeshift place to live.

  • Will IRON MAN become a reality....

    I love how Hollywood can inspire real life. We see it now in cell phones, tablets and skype and many others that were inspired from Star Trek back in the 70's. Now comes word that the US Army is trying to create a real life IRON MAN. I wonder what our life will be like in 10, 20, and even 50 years from now.

  • There is ONE tv family I wish that just went away....

    I have never watched an episode of the tv show. I never will. I don't understand to this day how they are popular and people actually watch this show. And now news of the seperation between Bruce and Kris is in the news and will be the topic of the upcoming season. WHY is this even television. haha

  • The ROCKY question has finally been answered...

    One of my favorite scenes in ANY movie is the workout scene in the Rocky movies. The scene in Rocky II where he runs all throughout Philadelphia, someone wanted to figure out just how far did Rocky run. Now we know.

  • A new $100 bill in circulation tomorrow....

    The US Treasury is releasing a new $100 bill to be circulated. The non stop effort to thwart counterfeit money, every few years or so, new methods are created and implemented in the making of US currency.

  • Everybody...Meet Siri!

    And now we know.. The voice behind Siri from Apple is revealed.

  • Do you eat sushi? You may not want to after reading this...

    I am a fan of sushi. Raw fish. I don't eat it often enough to worry about this new finding but if you like to eat sushi and eat it regularly, you may want to read this.

  • PICS: I love the Ferris Wheel!

    When I think of an amusement park or a county or state fair, I always think about the Ferris Wheel. Its that iconic structure that you can see from far distances and that you can use as a guide to getting you there. The views from some of the ferris wheels are spectacular and breathtaking depending on where it is. Here is a link to a story with some great pics.

  • What CLOSES during a gov't shutdown?

    Today is the day that the US Gov't starts the shutdown. Many of us know people that work for the government and many of us use the government in many ways. What actually closes down during a shutdown?

  • SPOILER ALERT: It's a wrap

    Breaking Bad has concluded. Were you one of the millions who watched it? A lot of my friends and family were and loved talking to each other about it. The final episode aired over the weekend with many of the storylines finally at its end.

  • Should KANSAS do this???

    We all know the dangers of using your cellphone while driving. There are campaigns to inform the masses that texting while driving is not only dangerous but it is against the law. The state of New York has 'texting' zones. Areas on highways where you can safely pull over off the road and park to text. I actually think this is a good idea. You see rest stops every so often, now there could be text stops.

  • WOW! My new favorite TV show......

    Only one day into the new season of TV where all the new shows debut and I am HOOKED. I have always been a fan of actor James Spader. His portrayel of Alan Shore in Boston Legal was one of my favorites. Now James is starring in a new TV show called The Blacklist. It debuted last night and all I can say is WOW! He is amazing and the show is really good.

  • Take a beer bath at a Spa???

    Do you love beer? Do you enjoy relaxation with spa activities? How about combining them together for a getaway in Pennsylvania? Even take a beer bath. I so want to do this?

  • VIDEO: The baseball slide of the year winner is.....?

    I am a baseball fan. I play fantasy baseball, even though I never win. I played the game as a young kid to my teenage years. Growing up in Houston, I am and will always be a Houston Astros fan. The team has not been good for the last 3-5 years and so its been frustrating. So when a play like this happens, you just have to smile and laugh. The slide was good, but what happened after the slide is what will make you smile.

  • I've been a fan for more than 30 years....

    I don't think I'm the only one who has been a fan of Saturday Night Live since the 70's. Its that one show you know every Saturday night will come on and you will find yourself smiling and laughing throughout many of the skits. The musical performances have been stellar over the years as well.

  • VIDEO: Friday the 13th and family.......

    Everytime the date happens to be Friday the 13th, I always find myself going to youtube to look up and watch the movie scene from the movie Friday the 13th featuring Annie the cook at the beginning of the movie. I've mentioned this before, the actress that played Annie is a cousin of mine. Her name is Robbie Morgan Walberg. When this movie first was released, I was young enough to think it was real and seeing my cousin on the big screen freaked me out. haha.

  • VIDEO: An interesting talent????

    Kids are always finding ways to excel at things... school, sports, playing the washer? what? Check out this video of a kid with a really cool skill. You got to think though, mom and dad don't appreciate the noise in the house. haha

  • We will always Remember....

    Another year has gone by, but the memory will live on forever on this day. We ALL remember where we were when we first heard about the attacks on the World Trade Centers. I personally don't have a connection to any person that was either killed or involved but I have many family that live on the east coast and in New York City. My thoughts are with everyone.

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