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  • VIDEO: The ups and downs of playing poker....

    I play Texas Hold Em poker. I consider myself an ok player. I still have a lot to learn and I play every so often. Whether its a cash game or a tournament, the idea is the same, to have the best hand at the end to win the pot. There is the two under cards, the flop, the turn, and the river and opportunities to bet to either get the other players to fold or call your bet and ultimately win the hand. Sometimes it works, sometimes it becomes a 'bad beat' and you lose by the way the cards fall. Now comes a story where exactly that happens.

  • Are you a Bob Dylan fan....

    Look for the August 30th issue of Rolling Stone magazine with a pic of Bob Dylan on the cover. The issue will feature an indepth article about the earlier years of the iconic music legend.

  • Warp Speed.....Engage!

    I've always admitted it. I am a huge science-fiction fan. I was a diehard Star Trek: The Next Generation fan and watched the sequels Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I've seen all the movies and even the new rebooted movies about Kirk and Spock. One of the technologies about this storyline is warp speed. Going faster than the speed of light. And NOW, could this actually become a reality. I am also happy to see it being experimented on in my home town of Houston at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake.

  • Ben Affleck...really?

    Its been several days now that we found out that Ben Affleck is the new BATMAN. I am still on the fence with the decision. Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale did it. Why can't Ben? I remember a lot of people questioned Christian Bale when he was chosen and look at him. I am going to keep an open mind and wait til the movie comes out to hold my opinion til then for Ben Affleck's portrayal of the caped crusader.

  • RAMBO is coming back...maybe?

    Admit it, you loved the movie Rambo... Whether you like the next 3 or 4 since I lost count of the sequals is another story. But anyway, Sylvester Stallone is in talks to bring Rambo to the small screen. Yes, a weekly episodic TV show based on the Rambo character. Would you watch it?

  • VIDEO: I love the pawn store tv shows

    Have you seen HARDORE PAWN. The show is based in Detroit, MI. The father owned and run with his son and daughter. The kind of characters that come into the store and do the things they do crack me up. The father is Les Gold. He is a no BSer and says it like it is. He has some secrets to being in the pawn business and what you can do to make some extra money.

  • VIDEO: A guitar filled wedding ceremony

    I've been to a lot of weddings. The time when two people unite in holy matrimony and all that stuff. haha Some traditional, some borderline whacko. But I've never seen this. A bride and groom incorporating their love of the guitar into the ceremony.

  • First a coffin, now a pro football team....

    I am a KISS fan.. Most of us are. I dressed as Peter Criss twice when I was a kid for Halloween. I saw them live in New Orleans many years ago. I met Gene Simmons sever years ago when he was pimping KISS perfume. I watched the Family Jewels tv show. So yes, I am a KISS fan. KISS is the master at marketing. They have their likeness on just about everything. Now comes word of a professional football team. I actually like the idea.

  • Well, NOW you know why your dog does this...

    You already know I am a dog owner and a big fan of dogs. My dog is the most important thing in my life right now. He is awesome. He has free reign of the house and he is the coolest, most laid back dog. All dogs do this, have you ever wondered why?

  • Are you a lefty?

    Yesterday was Left Handed Day? Are you a lefty? I am. Actually, I am more ambudextrous. I do throw with my left hand and I write left handed.

  • VIDEO: How cool is your dog?

    I am a huge fan of dogs. My dog SJ is very important to me and I look forward to going home for lunch every day and then coming home after work to hang with him. I take him to the dog park as often as I can and really enjoy spending time with him. He's a smart dog and full of energy. I have got to find out if he is as talented as the dog in this video. How does a dog know how to do this. I smiled the whole time watching... check it out.

  • I remember my yo-yo...

    I am pretty sure all of us had a yo-yo when we were kids. I wasn't that good, but I did enjoy it every now and again. Today's yo-yo's are a lot more high tech then when we had them 30+ year ago. Well there has been a new world champion crowned as the best yo-yoer.

  • The long wait is over for football........

    Preseason has officially begun. Last night there were some game and tonight, the team I root for, the Houston Texans play their first preseaon game taking on the Minnesota Vikings. The time of the year I look forward to the most. Since I don't live in my hometown anymore, it's important that I find time on the weekend or whenever the games are to go to a local sports bar and partake in the festivities of watching football. Where do you go to watch your favorite team?

  • August 8th for The Beatles

    The famous pic of The Beatles on the album cover on Abbey Road happened today, August 8th. There is a story behind the pic.

  • So you think you can get out of a speeding ticket????

    Most of us have been there. Getting pulled over by a police car for speeding. I've gotten two speeding tickets since moving here. haha. Anyway, when you get pulled over, many times you are asked why you were speeding. A story has surfaced about a woman getting pulled over and telling a convincing story and so the police officer gave her a warning and she went about her day. Low and behold, the police officer followed up and found out that she was not telling the truth. Can you guess what happened?

  • An airport re-naming is a great honor...

    Growing up in Houston, we had two airports. Intercontinental airport on the north side and Hobby Airport on the south side. Hobby Airport is named after a former Texas governor. The north side airport was renamed after our 41st President, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. In 1997, the Houston city council voted to rename the airport.

  • HOUSTON...We won't have a problem

    The anticipation is killing me. I cannot wait until football season. The season kicks off in the next month. I am a diehard Houston Texans fan and look forward to hitting the local sports bar every Sunday to watch my team play. There is a small group of Texans fans in the Wichita area and I enjoy seeing them at the sports bar watching the game along with me. I truly believe this is our year. The Texans are prime to go the distance and win it all. And when they do, I'll be the loudest guy in the sports bar.

  • 3.2.1.....Blastoff

    I've mentioned before that I grew up in Clear Lake, TX, a suburb of Houston where the NASA Johnson Space Center is located. That's where all of the astronauts train and prepare for space travel. The shuttle missions were all very important to the area. A new story has been published about the next generation of spacecraft that will be used to take astronauts to space, Mars and beyond. I am very excited to see our future space activity.

  • The Pro Bowl is a changing...

    I can't wait til football season. I watch both college and pro. Are you a fan of the 'all - star' weekends when the best of the best are chosen and then play a game. The NFL has come out with a new format for their version of the all star game called the Pro Bowl.

  • No more JAIL? I'm against it.....

    What was one of the board games that you played when you were a kid? Or maybe, you still play the board game. For me, I loved playing Monopoly. Well, now the makers of the board game are making a change and I'm not so sure I like it. To woo more kids to play, they are getting rid of GOING TO JAIL. I always thought that was an integral part of the game.

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