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  • PIC: new WSU baseball coach and the first pitch

    Yesterday, I was at the Wichita Wingnuts game as The Fox is there for Workforce Wednesdays. I got to throw out a first pitch again. This time around, I threw it harder and faster. The pitch was low and away this time. The speed was about 65 mph. haha.

  • Airplane fears.......

    After hearing about and seeing the landing accident of the Asiana Airlines plane in San Francisco, it brings back a memory of mine when something could have happened on a plane that I was a passenger on.

  • Buy Mick Jagger's hair? huh!

    Are you a fan of the Rolling Stones? I am. But I am not sure I would buy Mick Jagger's hair. But YOU can. It's all for charity, so I guess its not totally creepy.

  • The Loch Ness Monster explained???

    A new theory has been given on the mystery behind The Loch Ness Monster. For over 200 years, there has been this unexplained experience in the Loch Ness. Check out the article for another theory..

  • First contact?????

    I've mentioned this before, that I am a science fiction geek. I am a big believer of life on other planets, that we are not alone in the universe. I really hope in my lifetime, that the theory is proven correctly. I came across this article that further drives me wanting to know the truth.

  • VIDEO: Don't mess with gorillas

    I love living near a zoo. I've been to the Sedgwick County Zoo several times since moving here to Wichita several years ago. The giraffes and the gorillas are my favorite areas to go and watch the animals.

  • VIDEO: Throwing out the first pitch

    I found out I was going to throw out the first pitch at the Wichita Wingnuts game. Ok, cool. Um, I haven't thrown a baseball in 'many' years. All of those things started going through my mind. Will I hit the ground? Will I even make it to the plate? Will I throw too wide? Anyway, I did it and I did OK..

  • PIC: The loss of the iconic Tony Soprano....

    Actor James Gandolfini died yesterday while in Italy at a film festival of a heart attack. Most everyone knows James more for the character he played. He portrayed mafia boss Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series, The Sopranos. There has only been a few times where a character in movies/tv was bigger than the actor. This is one of them. There are many new shows today that would not be as big as they are without the character of Tony Soprano.

  • We're getting closer..............

    The new pro football season is just around the corner. Are you like me and jonesing for the ritual of either inviting friends over to the house or heading to your favorite sports bar to watch football all day? Being a huge Houston Texans fan, I am READY! I recently read an article giving you the pre season ins and outs of each team to prepare you for the season.

  • VIDEO: I believe in UFO's.... do you????

    I am such a sci-fi nerd and a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan. I believe in aliens. I also believe they've visited before, continue to visit and may actually be living among us. Have you heard about the latest video from The Netherlands? Check it out. You will believe as well.

  • What's happening to baseball....

    I love baseball. I enjoy the game. I enjoy going to the ballpark to watch games. I play fantasy baseball each year.

  • It's coming right at us...

    An asteroid is going by Earth today. Approximately 3,000,000 miles away. The asteroid is almost 2 miles wide and if it did our planet, it would almost undoubtably not be good for any life on our planet.

  • VIDEO: smart and funny burglary attempt gets foiled

    Great thinking from a Burger King employee when the restaurant place gets robbed. These were some dumb criminals who didn't think things through.

  • VIDEO: Happy tears for dog owners

    The destruction left behind from the tornado in Moore, OK is heart wrenching hearing about the amount of people being killed and injured and also all of those who've lost everything they own. The video below is a sad story at the beginning but quickly becomes a truly awesome and feel good story from all that has happened. A woman being interviewed on CBS News lost everything and even 'thinks' she lost her dog. If you own a pet, this will put a tear in your eyes.

  • Did you have an Atari???

    I loved my Atari when I was a kid. At the time, the technology was awesome and I owned all the cool games. Google is paying homage to Atari and more specifically the game BREAKOUT.

  • Study up on Star Trek!

    Its finally here. Opening weekend of the new Star Trek movie. Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters on Friday. Its expected to be a huge box office hit. Are you a Star Trek fan? Do you need to get a little up to speed on the whole Star Trek thing?

  • VIDEO: Zoso doing Stairway To Heaven

    I am a big Led Zeppelin fan. What's the next best thing to seeing the real thing? A tribute band. ZoSo is live at The Cotillion on Saturday night. ZoSo has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and is one of those tribute bands where it's pretty close to the real thing aside from the members of the band. If you've never seen them, Saturday night, you should be at The Cotillion.

  • I really do need to learn how to cook!

    I am addicted to several shows on The Food Network. I love Chopped, Iron Chef America, Restaurant Impossible and a few other shows. I am not sure if I enjoy the TV competition aspect or do I like see what the professional chefs create. Nevertheless, I can't cook. I don't know how to cook. I basically have 6 to 10 dishes that I make at home and they are the most basic of things like spaghetti or something like that.

  • I love the IMAX....

    I've lived in Wichita for almost two years now, and I love being in a city with an IMAX theater. When a huge blockbuster action packed movie comes out, it's a no-brainer that I will see it at the IMAX on the west side of town. That was the case this past weekend with Iron Man 3. The movie opened up huge in the US this weekend, taking in $175 million, with almost 10% of that from IMAX viewing. I've seen about 10 movies now at the IMAX on the west side, and look forward to when a big movie is released. Next up is Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel.

  • I am addicted to Royalty...

    I've mentioned this before, as I am intrigued by royalty. I have never wished I was royal or anything like that, I just have always been curious to know about the royals of the world. Every so often I read up on royal families from the different countries. The world has a new King as the previous Queen has abdicated her throne. This week, the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix, abdicated her throne after 33 years, to allow her eldest son become the first King of the country in over 123 years. The new king is also Europe's youngest King.

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