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  • The Eagles are BACK, we hope........

    Joe Walsh was interviewed recently and he let slip some news. Some very cool news. The Eagles are planning a tour. It's not confirmed or official yet, but this article alludes to it. Would you make a road trip to see this concert?

  • A Lennon turns 50!

    It's hard to believe John Lennon's been gone for over 30 years. It's one of those events from our past that it still seems like yesterday when it happened the moment we heard that he was killed. Now, how about this to make you feel even older and say to yourself 'wow, how time has flown by'. His eldest son Julian is now 50 years old. WOW!

  • I give it a THUMBS UP...

    Sad news hearing about Roger Ebert passing away. I remember when I was younger, I watched the Siskel & Ebert show where they critiqued movies. It was a fun show watching the two of them either argue or agree about a movie. I don't know if it really influenced me from seeing the specific movie, but I remember that was really the first way for me to see a trailor of the movie. Siskel died many years ago, and then Ebert did a show with another guy named Roeper. Movie critics will never be as entertaining, more knowledgable and more fun than Roger Ebert. RIP Roger.

  • The worst pain I've ever felt...

    I am sure many of you were watching the game when it happened, or you've certainly heard about it by now. The basketball player from Louisville breaking his leg in two different places had to have been one of the most painful things a human being can experience. The fact that his leg broke in two places and worse yet, the bone break protuded the skin and was exposed and his leg dangling. I've broken my finger and I've broken my nose, and yet while they both hurt to varying degrees, I can't even fathom how much pain the young man felt. What's the worst pain you've ever experienced?

  • Don't you just love bracket fever....

    Living in Wichita has been great as a college basketball fan. With Wichita State and Kansas now both in the top 16 in the tourney, the excitement, the energy, the enthusiasm is rampant throughout. That's why I love the month of March when it comes to college basketball. As for my personal bracket, I have not done so well. I didn't have Wichita State beating Gonzaga and have also not done well with other games. I do have Kansas playing in the final game vs. Louisville, so I am anxious to see if that plays out.

  • The death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil????

    It's late March.. Spring has 'officially started. So then WHY is snow in the forecast. This year has been pretty brutal with the cold temperatures and the snow that has hit hard in many places in the country and here in the midwest and Wichita, KS. I am from Texas, and just last month was down visiting family and I played golf and enjoyed 70-80 degree weather.

  • Celebrities doing stupid things....let's put that on TV!

    Last night on ABC, was the debut of the tv show SPLASH! A group of celebrities learn to dive into a pool of a diving board or platform. Olympic champion Greg Louganis is the coach and there is a training of them learning how to overcome their fears and learn to do trick dives in front of a live audience and then be judged. Contestants were Rudy from the Cosby Show to Kareem Abdul Jabbar to Louis Anderson.

  • St. Patty's Day weekend....

    Are you a fan of St. Patty's Day? Do you get into all the festivities? The parade, the beeds, the color green, the four leaf clover, the bagpipes and music, the food, and the 'green' beer. I love this holiday for the experience of just soaking up the environment and people watching. I have no family lineage of Irish but would love someday to visit the country of Ireland. There is a great event in the Delano district on Sunday that you and the family may want to go check out.

  • The R.E.M. song finally makes sense.....

    'It's The End of the World'...Is it just me, or lately, we've been hearing and actually seeing Astreroids near the earth. One actually hit us hard in Russia recently. I saw the movie 'Armeggedon' starring Bruce Willis. The movie, while science fiction, could actually happen. Is America, or better yet, is EARTH prepared for a large asteroid on a collision course with our planet? Can we unite together as a planet and protect ourself?

  • Spring Forward..........

    This weekend, its Daylight Savings time. Saturday night, be sure to move your clocks forward one hour. I'll be honest, I don't care about losing an hour of sleep. I don't sleep much anywy. What I am most excited about is that winter is over!!! Bring on Spring! Bring on the warmer weather. Bring on the short sleeve and shorts weather. Bring on the dog park weather for me and my dog SJ to stay at the park longer.

  • RIP Paul Bearer...

    I've been fortunate enough to meet some pretty cool people over the years. I've also been privileged to work with some cool people throughout my career. Many years ago, I did some ring announcing and interviews with an independent wrestling organization. On one of the cards, was a manager by the name of Paul Bearer. He gained fame from the WWE as the manager of The Undertaker. He was a great character and a really good guy in person. He was down to earth and very funny. I enjoyed meeting and working with him.

  • Your birthday month....

    Its the time of the year that happens to EVERYBODY... It's your birthday month. The time of the year that you start reflecting on the past year of things you did, did not do, and still want to do in life. As you get older, I suppose it turns into a 'bucket list'. Last year, I went to Europe. I visited cities in Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy. I experienced something that not everyone will do in their lifetime. Nothing has changed in my personal life and I continue to grow professionally. Here's to another positive and forward momentum year.

  • Dogs and snow....

    My dog hasnt really experienced snow to this level before. He was overjoyed running around the yard with a foot of snow and I threw snowball after snowball at him and he jumped and barked and ran around loving every second of it. As much as I am NOT a fan of the snow and weather I laughed and smiled the whole time watching SJ enjoy himself. Next up, summertime, where I will finally find a way to get him in water so I can watch him swim.

  • I guess I missed out....

    I go out of town for a 5 days and the biggest snow storm in 50 years hits Wichita..Coincidence??? haha I think not! I flew out of Midwest Continent Airport on Wednesday 2/20 with 4 inches already on the ground and the plane had to be de-iced. Then watching the news and The Weather Channel from 70 degree weather, seeing what hit Wichita, I couldn't believe what I saw. I came home last night to a huge amount of snow still in my driveway and yard and my dog enjoyed running around last night.

  • Want to go on a cruise????

    The cruise from hell has ended for the Carnival Triumph that was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for the last week due to a fire that cut out the engines and most of the other essential things on the boat. I've been on 4 cruises now. And hearing this happen, while sad, will not deter me from doing it again. A mishap like this doesnt happen often and with more 50 cruises a week around the world happening every week, the odds are in your favor that this extent of a catastrophy won't happen. I would think that Carnival and the entire industry would be offering amazing deals right now to help repair the cruising image. This is probably the time to book a cruise on any cruise line to save money.

  • Stating the 'obvious' effect for a restaurant name....

    Another death has been reported about a customer at a restaurant. He was overweight. He ate at this particular establishment more than normal, which probably was a huge contributing factor in his ultimate demise. The name of the restaurant is appropriately titled 'The Heart Attach Grill'. One of the hamburgers on the menu is called the 'quadruple bypass burger' with an astounding 9,982 calories. Oh, by the way, the apparent cause of death was a HEART ATTACK!!!!

  • Happy 20th Anniversary to a 'classic'...

    Today, is the 20th Anniversary to a one of my favorite movies. The move was just plain funny. It's a movie, that if you see it on TV, you stop channel flipping. The movie is 'Groundhog Day' starring Bill Murray. The movie is about a guy who is less than perfect, who somehow gets to experience the same exact day over and over and over until he gets things right. Have you ever wanted to relive a day over and over????

  • It's been 600 years since............

    We woke up this morning to news that Pope Bendict is 'retiring'???? Can a Pope do that? This is the first time in 600 years that the Pope has done so. Pope Benedict is 85 years old, and he says he is just not capable of carrying out the duties to its full potential, so he has decided to step down. This brings me to how a new Pope is chosen. All the Cardinals gather inside the Sistine Chapel to decide who the next leader will be. I can truly envision that process now, since last year, my vacation was to Italy and I visited The Vatican City and actually went inside the Sistine Chapel. I am not of that faith, but I am looking forward to the process and seeing the smoke rise from the roof signaling the decision of choosing the next Pope.

  • I'll miss ya buddy.....

    TODAY is Dan Dillon Day.....

  • The life of Yoda, I would go see...

    I have admitted before and I am not ashamed. I am a huge trekkie and I am a fan of the Star Wars franchise. Recently, we heard that George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney for something like $4 billion dollars. And then we hear that Disney is planning to do more of the Star Wars story with Lucas's input and now we hear there will be spin-offs. I personally am ok with this. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the spin-offs. Diving deeper into some of the characters that help make Star Wars what it is. The rumor mill is rampant now of a spin-off featuring a young Yoda. I WILL GO SEE IT... If it becomes reality, I think it will be great.

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