ONE YEAR DARK…we miss you, too!!

One Year Dark
No Shows Since 03/12/20

One Year Dark Marquee
One year dark. It’s hard to believe it has been a full year since our last live concert on March 12, 2020. We went out with a high-energy, laser light spectacular, Black Jacket Symphony, presented by our friends and radio partners at 104.5 the Fox.

Black Jacket Symphony Light Show

At that show, Black Jacket Symphony performed Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, cover to cover, kicking off our own dark side of the moon, also known as shutdown.

Before opening the doors for that event, we anticipated things were going to be different for a while. Several people in the audience thanked us for moving forward with the concert because they knew it would be the last event they would go to for a while. And we knew it too, but never did we think we were facing a shutdown that would last so long. Never did we think, at the time, that a while would mean an entire year and beyond.

“It was a full house, and one of the top ten shows I’ve seen at the Orpheum. I remember thinking, I’m so glad we’re here, I’m so glad we’re all together, and I’m so glad we all have this place to gather in. If this is going to be the last show we see for a while, I’m glad it’s at the Orpheum.” – Roxanne Stuart, 104.5 the Fox

We know we sound like a broken record, but we miss you.A view of Orpheum seats from Orchestra level

We miss the communal experience of gathering in our beautiful auditorium to experience live entertainment or a movie on the big screen. We miss being able to provide that experience for our community. And that’s who we’re here for, the community. All of the difficult decisions we’ve had to make are for the health and safety of the community — our patrons, volunteers, staff, and the local community as a whole. In turn, the community has been there for us. We can’t thank you enough for the support we’ve received in this, sorry to say it again, unprecedented year.

“There’s nothing like looking at an Orpheum crowd from the stage but more importantly, there’s also nothing like being part of the Orpheum crowd. It’s like family.” – Phil Thompson, 104.5 the Fox
This shutdown began on the dark side, but now, at last, we see a light at the end of the tunnel. We are making plans for a reopening celebration that we’re excited to share very soon. Look for an announcement in early April, and we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon at your historic Orpheum Theatre.